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Do you still think that those emails that arrive in your inbox are of no use? Perhaps this thought has crossed your mind on many occasions when you open your email, but numerous research says otherwise.

And it is that Email Marketing has numerous advantages that can help your company build a solid community full of opportunities. We explain them to you in this article.

What is email marketing

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy which is based on the use of email as a means of direct communication with a specific audience. Unlike other forms of online advertising, email marketing focuses on sending messages to a list of subscribers who have given their prior consent to receive such communications.

This consensual approach is key to establishing a effective connection with the recipients, since it is based on the premise that they have expressed a prior interest in the brand, products or services.

The objectives of Email Marketing

He main objective of email marketing is build and strengthen relationships with customers, as well as promoting brand loyalty.

Companies use this strategy for various purposessuch as product promotion, sending special offers, disseminating relevant content, generating leads, notifying important events or updates, among others.

Today, there are numerous tools free to create good and free email marketing campaigns. It is essential to highlight that the success of email marketing depends on the delivery of quality content, the appropriate sending frequency and respect for privacy and consent regulations, such as the GDPR.

What are the advantages of Email Marketing?

The advantages of this communication method and Marketing strategy are numerous. Including:

Cost effectiveness

Email marketing is a cost-effective option compared to other marketing channels. The cost of sending emails is generally low, especially compared to traditional advertising methods.

Audience Segmentation

It allows you to segment the audience according to various criteria, such as geographic location, purchase history, product preferences, among others. This makes it easier to personalize messages and increases relevance for each segment.


Emails can be easily personalized, from the subject line to the content of the message. The ability to address subscribers by name and tailor content to their preferences improves connection with your audience.

Metrics and Analysis

Provides detailed metrics to evaluate campaign performance. Open rates, click-through rates, and conversions can be measured and analyzed, making it easy to optimize marketing strategies.

Facilitates Interaction

Emails can include calls to action (CTAs) that direct users to take specific actions, such as visiting a website, making a purchase, or downloading content. This facilitates direct interaction with the audience.

Easy Automation

Automated email marketing campaigns can be implemented to send messages at specific times or in response to user actions. Automation saves time and allows for quick response to subscriber behaviors.

Promotes Loyalty

By keeping subscribers informed about news, special offers and relevant content, email marketing helps build and strengthen customer loyalty over time.


In short, it is a strategy that in many cases you do not need to pay for a support tool and you can start testing and creating a good community with your customers, thus promoting brand loyalty and the commitment that this strategy entails.

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