Massive program on social networks with Metricool

Massive program on social networks with Metricool
If you are a social media manager, you know the stress and time it takes to publish content on social networks. Jumping from one platform to another and keeping track of each piece of content can lead to errors, frustration, and a lack of quality in the publications. But what if I told you that there is a way to plan all your content in bulk and save hours on a daily basis?

The possibility of publishing massively on social networks allows you schedule content for weeks or months so you save time and avoid doing it manually.

With the Metricool planner, you can upload content through a CSV file to save time during this process.

We also have a content approval process that allows you to send, approve or reject content in bulk so that you can optimize your workflow and streamline the content creation and scheduling process, with your team or client.

Do you want to see how it works? Let’s get to it!

Metricool Planner

Introducing your new best friend for managing your social networks, the Metricool planner. From here you can schedule and auto-publish content from several social networks at the same time with the multiposting system:

  • Create a new post and select all the social networks where you want to share the content
  • If you select Edit by social networkA template will be created for you to write the content that you will use on the chosen social networks
  • Now you can see each platform in detail and edit the content if necessary
massive social media post

Isn’t that great? But we still have an ace up our sleeve if you want to schedule an entire month’s worth of content in one go. Keep reading.

Mass publication on social networks through a CSV file

Do you know CSV files? This format is used to work with a large volume of data, therefore, it can be great for plan the month’s content in one go.

The truth is that the most difficult part is building the CSV document, but don’t worry. We have created a CSV template ready for you to use.

When using our template, or your own CSV template, it is important that you make sure that each column has the necessary information so that when you import the file it is programmed correctly in Metricool.

This file must include:

  • The copy of the publication
  • Publication date and time
  • Social network where you want to publish
  • Google Drive link or content URL
  • The type of post if necessary

Next, next to the filter icon you will see three points that you must click on. The option will appear there Import CSV for you to upload your file.

massive social media post

You can also download the Excel template directly from there to use it for batch planning.

massive social media post

Once the file is uploaded, you can review the content for any errors, make any adjustments, preview the content, or move the date.

What do you think of this option to plan in batch thanks to the CSV file?

Block actions in the Metricool planner

If you work with him content approval systemThis option will allow you to send content to review, approve or reject publications in bulk. This way you optimize the workflow and accelerate the content review process with your clients and team.

How does it work? Inside the Metricool planner, you will see a tab called List.

There you have all the scheduled content available and its status, whether published, pending approval, saved as draft or rejected.

Its operation is very easy depending on your role at Metricool:

  • If you want to send bulk content for review, choose the content and click the button Block actions from the top menu. Now select Send for review and the reviewer will receive a notification with all publications pending approval.
  • If you need to approve or reject content in bulk, follow the same steps above. However, in this case you will have the power to approve or reject multiple posts at once.
massive social media post

Advantages of mass publication of content on social networks

Uploading your content in batch to the Metricool planner allows you to:

  1. Save timesince you schedule the month’s content in a matter of minutes using Metricool’s bulk upload function. This allows you to spend more time improving your strategies, creating new content or working with more clients.
  2. Unify tool. Say goodbye to jumping between different platforms. Tackle all your tasks on social networks from one place, taking advantage of the massive scheduling of your content. In addition to batch planning, with Metricool you can review your profile analytics, manage your comments and messages, create reports, create link-in-bio pages or work with ad campaigns.

What do you think of this function to plan your content quickly? We read you in comments.

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