Facebook changes its algorithm for videos

If you publish video content on Facebook, the latest changes announced by Meta directly affect you.

in addition to a video player updateFacebook modifies its recommendation algorithm for video visibility.

Therefore, you will need to take the new algorithm’s preferences into account to adapt your content and maximize its reach.

The announced changes will be implemented first in the United States and Canada in the coming weeks and then in the rest of the world later this year.

Let’s see together what it is.

Facebook video player update

The video player is modified to adapt the video experience on the platform to changing user preferences. You got it: we’re talking about video consumption on mobile phones here.

And whoever says video on the cell phone, says… vertical video. Yes, you were right.

Thus, Facebook offers a full screen video player to make videos easy to watch in the same way, whether they are real, longer videos or live videos.

It doesn’t matter what type of video it is, so it now appears full screen.

most of horizontal videos introduces a new option to enable full screen mode and allow viewing in landscape mode.

The reader is also enriched with new control options.

The user can use a cursor on scroll bar pour go directly to a specific part of the video without having to wait.

He is also capable of pause the video, rewind or fast forward the video 10 seconds thanks to the dedicated buttons.

Evolution of video recommendations

Video recommendations will be offered. more real.

According to Facebook, more and more people want to see real things on the platform.

This doesn’t mean that Facebook will stop showing other types of videos, such as long-form videos or live videos.

But, the social network will serve in a more real way to ensure that users find what they like the most.

Which could affect the visibility of other types of videos

Warning against republished content

He Long, unedited content from other platforms won’t work on Facebook.

The theme here is once again the importance of unique content on social media.

Each platform has its own specificities and preferences regarding content.

Unique content, created specifically or edited for Facebook, is more likely to generate engagement because it is more likely to resonate with users.

Recommendation algorithms will favor content specially designed or adapted for the platform.

Importance of engagement for visibility

The system also highlights videos that generate strong commitmentor videos that encourage interaction (for example, reactions, comments and shares).

The analysis goes beyond views or time spent watching a video, which are typically closely monitored metrics.

For creators who monetize their videos, this means compensation focused more on performance than visibility.

Tips for video production

To adapt to these changes, creators are encouraged to adopt a authentic approach in its content.

Tell stories of authentic way It is an important advantage to be successful on Facebook, whether they are short videos (reels), medium length or longer.

Mix formatsBy including dynamic real-life videos and long, detailed videos, it allows you to capture attention from different angles.

Please note that the real prove to be an excellent way to reach new viewers.

But the videos longer than 90 seconds They are also important for exploring a topic in depth and establishing a more meaningful connection with members.

You can find all the tips on Facebook. here.

Tips for vertical videos

To make the most of the vertical format, adopt a 9:16 format is essential, thus optimizing full-screen viewing and immersion on mobile devices.

The creativity in the use of existing contentin Cropping it or reinventing it for the vertical format.You can update and revitalize videos to get that unique perspective.

Get inspired by editing tools available in real life, such as adding music, visual effects or text, enrich videos, making them more attractive and interactive.


The latest updates announced by Facebook introduce significant modifications for creators and brands who share video content.

I invite you to adapt your video strategy current around the following 3 axes:

  • Invest in production of real and vertical content to maximize visibility.
  • Explore creative and interactive formats to boost user engagement.
  • Adapt existing content without compromising authenticity or quality.

Those of you who manage to quickly integrate these new practices will likely benefit from better performance of your video content, resulting in higher engagement and greater reach on Facebook.

Your turn now

What do you think of the changes Facebook is making?
A question or advice? Join the discussion in the comments.

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