LinkedIn introduces CTV ads for B2B campaigns

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LinkedIn launched CTV (Connected TV) ads, allowing marketers to include ads on CTV platforms in their B2B campaigns.

Advertisers can add CTV to their LinkedIn campaigns through a network of big-name partners, including Paramount, Roku Samsung Ads, and NBCUniversal (Premiere on LinkedIn).

To retain:

  • CTV is a growing channel for many marketers, including B2B companies.
  • LinkedIn CTV aims to help advertisers continue to reach and engage with new audiences through streaming television content.
  • CTV offers a good opportunity to reach an audience that is increasingly moving away from traditional television.

How to launch a CTV ad on LinkedIn?

Creating CTV ads on LinkedIn is relatively simple. After creating a video ad, you need to log in to the campaign manager and choose a goal. It is possible to select a CTV-only campaign or launch a multi-channel campaign to increase brand awareness.

Next, you’ll need to choose a target audience (currently only the United States and Canada are available, but functionality will expand globally in the coming weeks) and attributes, such as company size, age, and centers of interest. Advertisers then set a budget for their campaign and determine when it will run.

In addition to native on-site reporting, LinkedIn has partnered with Kantar for objective research and iSpot for advanced audience measurement.

LinkedIn also launched Live Event Announcements (available globally) to help B2B marketers promote live events. This comprehensive offering allows marketers to drive registrations and engage prospects before, during and after live virtual events.

Why use CTV for your advertising campaigns?

The growth of CTV content in France is now evident. Just think that we spend an average of more than an hour a day watching it. In fact, this content is available on a variety of devices such as Smart TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones and can be viewed at any time (as long as there is an Internet connection).

Therefore, digital and television are not adversaries, but allies. The synergy between these two media is obvious. The CTV format will end up replacing traditional television in the coming years for technological and behavioral reasons.

Therefore, we should not underestimate the strength of television, even in the digital age. It can be a powerful lever for your online campaigns.

How to captivate this new audience?

Start by creating a campaign Google Ads dedicated to TV screens to broadcast your advertisements only to this audience.

Then spread a clear, concise and ultra-persuasive message. Make sure your video is in landscape format and scaled for an optimal big screen experience.

Add a simple, scannable QR code to your video. This way, your audience will have access to your offer through their mobile phone, without having to use the remote control.

A CTV advertising campaign offers the same flexibility as any other digital channel. You monitor your results in real time, allowing you to modify your segmentation criteria, messages or budgets if necessary.

Whether on LinkedIn, on Amazon or even YoutubeCTV advertising can help brands reach audiences where they already consume content, reaching people who no longer watch television linear.

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