How to show your avatar as an Instagram profile picture?

How to show your avatar as an Instagram profile picture?

As you already know, in some social networks it is possible to create and customize your own avatar, be it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram. Here we will stop on Instagram.

Not to be confused in this case though, it’s a simple avatar not (yet) destined for the metaverse as such. On Instagram, the use of avatars is quite limited, limited to stickers in Stories with various expressions. That being said, for a while now, IG has included animated versions of his avatar in this section. Certainly, there are not many, but they have the merit of existing and allow you to energize your Stories.

Anyway, back to the screen our avatar as profile picture ! Don’t worry, the avatar will not replace your default photo or logo, it’s a “bonus”. Just swipe left or right (like a PokéStop 😅) on an account to see its avatar if it’s set (you can also do it on your own account, to see it). This is what it gives:

How to proceed ?

➔ Go to your profile from the app, then tap ” modifier ».

➔ In this new page, press ” Change photo or avatar ».

➔ In the box at the bottom of the screen, switch to the avatar section, then toggle the switch to ” IN ” (to the right) of the line “ Add to profile picture ” and voila. You can also change your avatar here. Don’t forget to save your changes afterwards! 😋

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