What are the types of Digital Marketing Agencies?

What are the types of Digital Marketing Agencies?

What are the types of Digital Marketing Agencies?

It is currently unthinkable that a company that wants to grow does not have a Digital Marketing Agency, even if it is only to outsource some tasks that can be expensive or complicated within a company.
Many people believe that Marketing deals with tasks related to advertising and sales exclusively, but the truth is that this is not the case. Although advertising is a great lever for your business, they can help you develop Inbound Marketing strategies to strengthen the image and the relationship of customers with the company or reach the level of digitization that your business needs.
A Digital Marketing Agency can opt for different ways of working according to the portfolio and portfolio of professionals it has, hence there are different types, on the one hand, specialized digital marketing agencies that focus on one or more fields or 360º agencies that offer a wider range of services.

Digital Agencies or specialized Digital Marketing

They are agencies that are dedicated to digitization, this makes them combine very different profiles and perform very diverse tasks, this can be from the creation of websites such as social network management or content creation.
One of its most demanded functions is web positioning or SEO, but they incorporate many of the following tasks:

internal marketing

They are agencies that attract very valuable clients but by creating valuable content, they avoid working in an intrusive way and focus more on the message or the experience than on direct sales. Their tasks can range from making tutorials, blogs, downloadables and a wide range of actions that help to distill a highly qualified and valuable customer.


They are agencies and in many cases platforms that specialize in creating content for other agencies or the end client, such as content we can find from posts on social networks, blogs, ebook creations and any type of production they need to communicate to the client. Many times these agencies work hand in hand or are part of a communication or Inbound Marketing agency.


They are agencies that have very different profiles since they can be in charge of the production of videos and images. In general, they are more ambiguous and work more on the conceptualization and idea of ​​the campaigns, even some are only dedicated to making claims, copies and images.

Media Agencies

They are agencies that are specialized in the purchase of advertising space, such as radio, television, press and internet. Their job is to get the best price or the best combination of means to be able to offer results to the client.
Some media agencies are specialists in certain channels or even have contracts with exclusive media or long-term exploitation of supports.
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Communication Agencies

They are agencies that are specialized in getting the client’s message across to its target audience in a consistent way. They are responsible for events and their job is to keep the relationship with clients and collaborators clear, they generally work linked to large companies and institutions.

Junk mail

It is very important to keep track of customers and help them learn about news, and the mailing list is the most important asset of a company.

360º Digital Marketing Agencies

It is the evolution of Digital Marketing agencies and in part of all the previous ones, since they cover all the marketing needs of their clients, also in recent years more needs have appeared that are related to digital marketing and sales.
360º agencies focus more on analytics and data than the previous ones since they have full control of the marketing actions that are carried out in a company.
They are very familiar with new technologies and in many cases have IT departments that help integrate CRMs with ERPs to achieve better data flow and in many cases use analysis and artificial intelligence tools.
Another function that is very important is the monitoring and acquisition of Leads, which makes them the ones in charge or the most interested in implementing a CRM in the company in order to properly manage customers and sales.
They are agencies that pay attention to the medium and long term, which is why they apply Inbound Marketing strategies and content creation in their projects and do not stay only in short-term strategies such as advertising.

Why do companies decide to opt for 360º Agencies?

One advantage they have is that since everything is centralized save costs and timeSince in many cases working with several agencies can be more complicated and requires internal coordination work, which requires managers and depending on the project or action, they must resort to specific agencies, which disrupts budgets.
Agencies usually work under a monthly fee which is a flat rate in which the tasks are included and planned, which allows you to control your spending during the year. It is also a saving since many companies decide to outsource the Digital Marketing department to save recruitment costs, social security, equipment and digital marketing tools.
Another advantage is that they handle and collect a lot of customer information and data In the end, this is very important since it allows them to better manage sales and is even a great help with regard to product and market development, which is vital in these times when companies need to be well ahead of the needs of the market. customer.

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