Three possible strategies to achieve sales in our Shopify store

Three possible strategies to achieve sales in our Shopify store

It is not easy to sell online, it is a belief that I still have that possibly slows down our potential. These new strategies will help us change the chip.

We are doing a good job at the Shopify level. There are small improvement tasks that help us get to the next level. Above all, we have been optimizing the product sheet to see more sales through conversion rate improvements.

This good work is not yet translating to the sales level but we will get there.

Expand sales to the US

Most of the organic traffic is coming from the United States. The easiest way would be to offer our products there as well. We are afraid of getting caught with shipping costs but we should really enable sales for some products that are easier to ship than others to test how things are going.

Yesterday we received a sale from Bulgaria. At first I thought we had screwed up because the sale was made in the country’s currency but no. It turned out to be a profitable sale despite charging little for shipping costs. From here the idea arose whether it might be a good strategy to focus first on those countries where Google’s CPC was possibly still lower.

Pre-sale of eye-catching products

Then another option is this. We have the possibility of creating 3D products on demand. This would also enable the possibility of selling with pre-sale. If there is demand, it is done and if not, then no. It is an idea that is good and we must push.

Well, there is already work. Let’s see how things evolve.

Stay tuned.

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