What it takes to go from talking to action

What it takes to go from talking to action

Yesterday we talked about it as a team. “We talked about this eight months ago.” We were and are all convinced that we must act, but nothing has happened since then.

That makes me think. What went wrong? Why couldn’t we get started? My conclusion so far is:

  1. conviction: This part is easy. When an idea, inspiration, project, etc. arises. You need to be convinced that what you have just discovered makes sense.
  2. The Why”: You need the famous “why”. Why is what you learned important? You need a relevant reason to get started. Why do it? Who will benefit?
  3. Timed coordination: Sometimes the right moment has to come. Many times you don’t know that exercise is good for you and you need to have an additional argument (e.g. a friend’s wedding, bikini surgery, health problems, etc.) to take action.
  4. The next step: Then you have to be clear about the next step. That can be buying healthier foods, signing up for the gym, subscribing to the Youtube channel of…etc. If you are not sure about the next action step, nothing will happen.
  5. a meeting: It’s important to be clear about how to start, but you also need a specific date to do so.
  6. A measurable goal: Goals should always be measurable, but sometimes we forget. Me too… Without a measurable goal, we don’t know if we’re on the right track.

These six points must go hand in hand. If one fails, you can be as confident as you like. They will not act like us. Today things will change. We’re on our way.

Stay tuned.

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