What does Pixar have to do with your long weekend?

You won’t find any PUB News in your mailbox on Thursday, May 18 (Ascension Day) and Friday, May 19 (PUB bridging). But no worry! On Saturday May 20th, you can read PUB on Saturday, which catches all the industry news of the weekend and includes an exclusive report on the visit of jim morris, Managing Director and Chairman of Pixar Animation Studios, in our country !

More tips for this long weekend: Treat yourself to some recently released PUB interviews!

  • an interview with Bart DeGrooteCEO of streamz, via Streamz subscription with ads.
  • an interview with Joe, the pump : the internationally known hunter of ad campaigns that (suspectably) resemble existing campaigns.
  • an interview with Dirk Lodewyckx (Radio, TV and streaming director at DPG media) around VTM GO+.
  • an interview on the 10 years of walkie-talkiesthe Ghent PR agency, with Marie Lemaitre, Valerie Bourgeois etc Andrew Vasallo.
  • an interview with Pieter Janssens and Bas Jespers (ok) on the growth of iO and its new campus in Antwerp.
  • Listen again to our latest episode of the podcast team talk with Marc Foxes !
  • Browse the latest issue of PUB Magazine ❤️

Photo: Brian McGowan on Unsplash

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