This was purchased by Yeri Mua at Costco

Today the marketing of influencers he is at his peak, so his advice is the perfect promotion of brands, in this sense he chose Yeri Mua Costco to make their purchases, which have to do with the upcoming celebration of Halloweenwhere millions of children take to the streets to trick or treat.

Costco Wholesale Company It stands out as a company that operates a chain of large retail stores that resemble warehouses and sell products wholesale. Unlike most department stores, this company requires an annually paid membership for the opportunity to shop in their stores. In 2021, the brand generated global net sales of approximately $192 billion, of which the United States is the most profitable regional segment.

As of 2022, the company had a brand value of approximately $49.6 billion, making it the fifth most valuable retail brand in the world that year. Its main competitor is Walmart or Sam’s Cluband in 2021, Walmart generated nearly three times more retail sales than Costco. In the United States, membership fees start at around $60 per year and give members access to all Costco locations worldwide, and as for Sam’s Club, membership fees start at $50 per year.

Its average sales amount has increased in recent years, from $155 million per store in 2012 to $217 million per store in 2021. In the same year, there were 572 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, plus to 105 stores in Canada. Costco products can only be purchased by members.

This was purchased by Yeri Mua at Costco

Yeri Mua shared on her social networks some candy she bought to give to children on Halloween, and commented that she has a feeling that this year many children will go to her house to ask for candy, so she is preparing with great resources.

In the video, the influencer He assured that he brings with him “purely good sweets”, since there are recognized brands such as: Kit Kat, Kinder Délice, Bubulúbu, Paletas Payaso, M&M, he also bought a pack of potatoes, commenting that his idea is for the children of her neighborhood to eat the best desserts, even if she won’t try them.

That said, comments have arisen from users who have recognized their good deed:

@yohanacoronadodia: “¿Where is your house for trick-or-treating?”

@eneri: “Ha, ha, ha, I’m not a fan of his, but I recognize that he is a good person.”

@lnfluencersym01 #yerimua ♬ sonido original – Influencer

These types of videos are very common on social networks, since some influencers They shared what their way of helping others is.

A similar case is that of content creator @Alexis Omman, who shared on his TikTok account how he tipped a Rappi delivery driver with a motorcycle. In the video you can see that he asks the worker what was the highest tip they received as a gift, to which he replied that it was 200 pesos, then he asked him if he had ever been given a motorcycle as a gift and proceeded to give him the keys and then show it to him complete with balloons.

That said, Internet users applauded the act, saying that it undoubtedly helped the right person and that in just a few hours the video managed to have 3.8 million views.

@alexisomman your likes and follows have more power than you think ♥️ #wallpaper #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Alexis Omman

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