The Jetpack WordPress plugin update adds more AI

Automattic’s Jetpack WordPress plugin has released an updated version that expands AI-powered features and the ability to earn more from email subscriptions.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin 12.7

Jetpack is an all-in-one modular plugin that offers virtually every important feature a website or business could need.

Since it is modular, the user only needs to select the features they need and keep the unwanted ones turned off.

There are free and paid versions available in bundles, depending on your needs.

For example, there is a security package and a comprehensive package, but users can select only the features they need.

The AI ​​portion of the plugin is available as a standalone app in a free version for a limited trial period and a paid version for $8.33 per month (billed annually).

The Jetpack AI assistant currently assists with a wide range of content creation tasks, it’s truly like having an assistant that can get things done quickly.

In addition to content, it can also create forms, comparison tables, and lists.

The update to Jetpack adds an article excerpt feature that automatically summarizes the article and creates an article excerpt for it.

Further improvements have been made to the AI ​​assistant in how prompts are generated and in the addition of more languages.

Newsletter subscription levels

Jetpack has also updated their newsletter functionality by adding multiple levels of paid newsletter subscriptions.

Blogroll is back!

For those who miss the blogroll, it’s back. It’s a great way to link to websites that your site visitors might like.

Of course, be careful not to use it for organized reciprocal links, which seem to be coming back into fashion in the recipe blog niche.

One-click social sharing

The other useful update was the addition of the one-click social sharing feature that automatically formats the share.

Jetpack plugins available in multiple configurations

Jetpack plugins are available in free, stand-alone premium versions, as well as bundles that cost less than purchasing separately.

Read the official press release:

Jetpack 12.7

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