Tesla's marketing strategy

Tesla’s marketing strategy

Tesla has always been talked about for its revolutionary electric vehicles and cutting-edge technology. Under the guidance of its forward-thinking CEO, Elon Musk, Tesla has challenged the market with the promise of offer electric cars at affordable prices to the average consumer, choosing renewable and non-polluting sources.

Yet the strength of the car manufacturer is not only this but also its own amazing marketing strategy.

Tesla’s marketing strategy

Although Tesla achieved the largest growth in its market share in June, thus registering the highest increase among the 116 brands monitored by the Institute of British Statistics in Europe, the American company does not invest budget for paid marketingwithout even spending a dime on social media ads.

With the advent of Elon Musk, everything has been focused on one marketing strategy based on emotional connections with its audience and on strengthening the presence of its brand on the market.

Tesla's marketing strategy

Based on relationship marketing, Tesla has embarked on a partnership with influencers. One above all Viya, very famous in China, which streamed the launch of the latest car model in 2020, generating 4 million users who viewed the video according to Bloomberg.

But the common denominator of Tesla’s strategy is the building strong ties with people, placing sustainability, research and development at the centre and thus creating a real “movement” of supporters of the Earth, aware that choosing this brand means embracing a philosophy and supporting its values.

The Elon Musk effect in Tesla’s strategy

Elon Musk’s story is known for his incredible propensity as an entrepreneur. After collecting the money from the sale of Zip2 for 307 million euros, he decides to found X.com, an online financial services and email payments company. A year later, from the merger of X.com and Confinity, PayPal was born.

His $1.5 billion sale to eBay made Musk one of the best-known entrepreneurs in the world.

Two years after the founding of SpaceX, with the uncanny ambition of developing a fully reusable interplanetary mass transportation architecture, arrives in Tesla where he becomes CEO and product architect.

Without a doubt, however, Elon Musk’s choice of buy twitter it has also brought enormous benefits to Tesla given its enormous media exposure which has made the entrepreneur a real influencer of the brand.

Obviously it is Musk himself who tweets about Tesla and promotes the brand and its sustainable features. Thus, the merger between a great brand of cars projected into the future and the richest entrepreneur in the world produces an influencer marketing strategy that inevitably generates organic hype with respect to the brand.

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YouTube, Tesla’s primary advertising channel

Tesla’s marketing strategy is not based solely on Youtubemom it is undoubtedly an excellent channel for building content that is able to respond to the needs of the public to create synergy and interest in the products sold.

Tesla has fully understood that users are no longer looking for product oriented videos but need good stories to believe in.

It is no coincidence that we have created a commercial in which robots show up and make fun of the traditional idea of ​​finding love on Valentine’s Day.

In this way, Tesla presents its company’s innovation and technology in a playful and fun way, distinguishing itself from its competitors in the sector in terms of style and content.

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Still using the same language, it offers the new “Program your departure” function, revealing, in an entertaining and informative way, the advantages of recharging your car outside peak hours, to save on bills.

Last but not least, the beautiful video in which the feature that allows you to leave your pets in the car in a comfortable and safe environment is presented.

Thanks to the presence of a sweet and nice dog, Tesla impresses a new message in this commercial by transferring how they are constantly committed to offering the best experience to their customers, always keeping their needs first.

Tesla’s marketing strategy: unique and revolutionary

Through this narrative, the automaker revolutionized marketing strategy in the industryplacing the real needs of its customers at the center of its communication and creating a real community around the brand’s requests.

In fact, those who choose Tesla become part of a community focused on eco-sustainability and the entry level luxury car market.

Tesla’s real revolution is having constantly worked on enhancing its own brand reputation focusing strongly on the emotions of its audience. To do this, you chose a testimonial who has always shown himself capable of breaking the rules of the market and of knowing how to focus the spotlight of communication on himself: Elon Musk.

Tesla has created a new liturgy in automotive marketing: if you want someone to talk about you, learn to understand their needs and talk about their needs, not your products.

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