Instagram tests location tags in notes

Instagram tests location tags in notes

Instagram is testing yet another element within Notes inbox messages, with some users now able to add a location tag to their Notes queries.

Instagram notes location tag

As you can see in these sample screenshots, users in the test pool can add a location marker to their note, which will then link to the IG location page for that location.

As explained by Instagram boss Adam Mosseri (via his Instagram channel):

“People use notes to share thoughts, moods, and even places. We want to make it easier for you to connect from where you are, find new inspiration for places to go, and more. I’m excited about this because sharing where I am has been one of my favorite things to do with notes.”

Notes, which Instagram first launched in December of last year, provides users with an easy way to start conversations in the app, by adding 60-character notes that can then be seen by all their connections at the top of their inbox. I arrive.

Instagram update

This proved popular, especially with younger users, prompting Instagram to add more Notes features, including sound clips and featured songs, along with other inbox-connecting features, such as broadcast channels, while leaning towards increased DM involvement.

Which is a key trend worth noting. Over time, people have become increasingly wary of public posts on their main feeds in social apps, instead preferring to share posts with smaller groups of friends and family. Instagram has been looking to capitalize on this change, which may soon see IG add its own AI chatbot experience, to further expand its messaging tools.

And while Notes may seem like a minor element of the app’s overall engagement, as noted, it has helped Instagram reconnect with its younger audience, something it had lost due to the rise of TikTok.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Instagram testing more elements than Notes, which it will likely continue to test as it works to maximize engagement.

The new test is now available for select IG users.

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