What's new in WordPress 6.3, what do you need to know?

What’s new in WordPress 6.3, what do you need to know?

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WordPress 6.3 Lionel is a main update of the CMS and the news mainly concern the site building functions. You can easily add new elements when creating a single template but the UX has also been improved.

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, then the release notification arrived. Here are all what’s new in WordPress 6.3the new version of the most famous CMS on the web. Objective? Helping more and more to create effective entire websites and landing pages.

WordPress 6.3
What’s new on WP?

I still remember the controversy against the first update of version 5.0, the one in which the Gutenberg editor appeared. Today we are all ready to optimize it and use it to the fullest. Especially today that big ones have been introduced new with WP 6.3.

Improved WordPress 6.3 editor

WordPress 6.3 brings together all content – ​​but also templates and patterns – in the website editor. This means that you can insert pages, decide on style variations, create synchronized models in one place. So it takes less time to manage everything.

Improved WordPress 6.3 editor
You can do it all with the new editor.

With WordPress 6.3 you have all site building tools at your disposal. On the new version you can try theme blocks before changing and preview the site editor, with options to customize directly before changing.

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Better handling of blocks and editor

WordPress 6.3 brings several improvements to managing and inserting blocks. At first glance it doesn’t seem to change much but just one click on the icon at the top right to better manage the previews of everything you’ve created, both from desktop and mobile.

The new editor is simpler and leaner, everything in favor of functionality. It will be much easier to write articles with WordPress and create landing pages with the Gutenberg editor.

Notes and accordion

The editor that allows you to create articles and web pages becomes the starting point for any operation. And it is even more true with WordPress 6.3 as two new tools are added: footnotes and accordions to optimize writing.

Notes and accordion
Add footnotes with WordPress 6.3.

These nuances make writing in WordPress more enjoyable. You have to remember that in the editor without distractions find everything you need to create content. Needless to say more: writing faster has become Gutenberg’s goal.

The accessibility core of WordPress 6.3

With more than 50 improvements across the platform, WordPress 6.3 is more accessible than ever. Content tagging is improved, navigation has been optimized with new icons and controls in the editor that allow everyone to navigate better.

WordPress 6.3 improves performance

This update includes many performance improvements in terms of Core Web Vitals. In WordPress 6.3 the performance is further improved if you use block themes, with about 20% faster speed compared to the metric known as TTFB.

Also the LCP value (how much it takes to make the content appear more challenging). On pages with hero shots, great images, improvements they’re important.

Chronology of styles and designs over time

With a new tool available to designers, you can now see how your website looked in a specific moment. View these revisions in a sequence.

How does your layout change?

So you can access a one-click option to restore previous styles allows you to optimize work of modifying the aesthetic appearance and the WordPress theme.

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WordPress 6.3: sources and insights

To learn more about the subject and have all the sources necessary to study the news of WordPress 6.3 I recommend taking a look at these official insights:

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