Spotify launches new tools for podcasters

Spotify launches new tools for podcasters

Los podcasts They continue to be a favorite format for many users and their popularity sometimes grows. So much that Spotify has decided to improve the tools for podcasters using their platform.

If you want to find out what you can do from now on upload your podcast to Spotify, the best thing is that you keep reading.

These are what’s new on Spotify for podcasters

In recent days, Spotify has announced changes to its podcast creation tools, which we will summarize below.

Customize your podcast page

With this new option, podcasters will be able to customize various aspects of their podcast homepage. They will be able to add a bio and connect your social networksamong other interesting questions.

Additionally, they will have an additional section for content of the pin. The first will be called “best place to start” and in it they will have to add that episode that can serve as an introduction to future listeners. While the second is called “advice from the presenter” and you can set two other episodes.

Changes to impression analysis

Recently, some changes have already been incorporated into the Spotify platform that aim to improve impression analysis to offer more valuable insights to creators.

Spotify podcast analysis tools

Through the Spotify dashboard for podcasterscould see:

  • The total number of impressions for your show and its individual episodes over the past 30 days.
  • The growth trend during that period.
  • Where do these Spotify impressions come from?

On the other hand, the new monetization analysis They will also help them track the profits made with the application. Plus, measure the performance and subscriptions of your ad campaigns.

Improve consumer discovery

Finally, another of the improvements brought by the music platform is that its users can do so find podcasts more easily this might interest you. To do this, we have included some tags that are automatically generated and allow you to access the search results of any creator.


The changes implemented by Spotify aren’t just fundamental improve the user and creator experience At its core, they also represent a fight against the best that Apple has recently announced for this same format.

In any case, they will help create better content and make Spotify a much more functional platform.

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