what's the beer in all those paintingsLLLLITL

what’s the beer in all those paintingsLLLLITL


Fun fact: Stella Artois has the oldest logo in the world. Its horns reference the Den Hoorn brewery which opened in Louvain, Belgium in 1366.

Sebastian Artois purchased and renamed the company in 1708, and “Stella” – star in Latin – was added to the name in 1926, when he released his first seasonal beer, the Christmas Star. It’s a lot of history. « This means that there is a probability that the beer depicted in historical artworks across Europe could be a Stella Artois, » enthuses Haroldo Moreira, copywriter at the GUT agency in Buenos Aires. The agency decided to have some fun with this tantalizing teaser ” possibility “.

« We developed an algorithm that analyzed each painting and, based on variables such as the year it was painted, the geographical location, the type of glass and the color of the liquid, we have compared this data with the numerous historical documents of the brand, resulting in a percentage which likely indicates the presence of a Stella Artois in those paintings, » Moreira writes.

The resulting campaign, created in collaboration with the Bellas Artes Museum and dubbed “The Artois Probability”, produced a series of print ads and outdoor billboards for the time-honored beer. The creative? Historical art. The copy: pure data-driven speculation, like a frothy beer mustache. It’s effortless and inspires the imagination, delving into the history of the brand. And it’s probably one of the funniest uses of algo-magic we’ve seen in advertising since everyone started going crazy over AI. We’ll never look at a finely painted pub scene the same way again.

« All masterpieces, high or low probability, are now part of our campaign, hoping you think of Stella Artois every time you see a beer in a painting, » Moreira concludes.



Client: Stella Artois (AB InBev). Advertising agency: GUT, Buenos Aires. Country: Argentina. Production: Ketama, Buenos Aires; Bamba Music, Buenos Aires; Genosha, Buenos Aires.

Stella Artois (AB InBev)

Customer representative: Eugenio Raffo. Customer Representative: Soledad Azarloza. Customer Representative: Lucila Djeredjian. Customer representative: Martina Goldbaum. Customer Representative: Juana Zamarreño.


Founder and President: Gastón Bigio. Founder and President: Anselmo Ramos. CCO and partner: Joaquín Cubría. ECD and partner: Ramiro Rodriguez Gamallo. ECD and partner: Matías Lafalla. Executive Creative Director: Juan Pablo Lufrano. CEO: Paula Medina Rivero. Strategic director: Javier Quintero. Creative Director: Alex Romero. Creative Director: Gastón Gual. Creative Director: Thomas Chatenay. Artistic director: Julian Amarillo. Copywriter: Haroldo Moreira. Account Director: Judit Ducruet Paz. Account Director: Clara Colace. Account Director: Belen Melcon. Account Supervisor: Alan Trajtenberg. Design manager: Rosario Muñoz López. Designer: Carolina Vázquez García. Production manager: Florencia Albzzati. Producer: Julia Lagos. Strategic director: Martín Rubins. Digital & Social Manager: Gori Nastasi. Head of social strategy: Ignacio Rocca. Creative director: Paula Akel.


Director: Juan Szelagowski. Director: Nahuel Varela. Producer: Matias Berruezo. Executive producer: Daniel « Caffa » Caffarina. Cameraman DOP lights: Nahuel Varela. Color gradient: Pablo Franco.


Creative technology: Matías Rabaglia. Project manager: Paula Martinez. Design Director: Marcelo Martinez. UX design: Lautaro Sanchez. Visual design: Belén Rosatti. Developer: Alejandro Cayssials. Developer: Juan Cruz Rabaglia. Developer: Jeremías Figueroa. Question: Lautaro Genari. Question: Violeta Muñiz.


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