{PUB's Delight} LDV United is ready for a new beginning

{PUB’s Delight} LDV United is ready for a new beginning

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. It’s no secret and in its new smoking awareness campaign, LDV United, in collaboration with the Department Worrychose not to focus on the disadvantages of smoking, but rather on the advantages of quitting smoking, with a motivating message.

Because this stop is the beginning of many other things. Maybe you’re smoking your last cigarette before welcoming your first child? Or maybe you’re just waiting for prime time at the movies without smoke breaks. There are big and small steps to take. Outdoor and social communication therefore intelligently shows that where cigarettes end something new can begin: a new phase of life, a more active lifestyle or perhaps a more exciting love life.

In consultation with Stand up to Cancer, Flemish Institute for Healthy Living, Cancer Foundation et VRGT, five emotional reasons for quitting smoking were chosen. LDV hopes to turn intention into action and encourage smokers to at least make an attempt to quit. Because what seems like the end is actually the beginning of something better. A new beginning.


Client: Flanders: Department of Care
Contact: Shanah De Brabander, Oele Demeulemeester, Bart Van Gansen
Agency: LDV United
CD: Dries De Bruyn, Stef Selfslagh
Creation: Steffy Bertels, Lynn Laenen
Team accounts: Elien De Beule, Elise Crispeels
​Strategy: Fatima Llouh, Floris Adriaenssens
Design: Stijn Voeten, Sandra Wulffaert


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