Portrait Marketing Tech : Didier DOTTARELLIMarketing and Corporate & BtoB Communication

Portrait Marketing Tech : Didier DOTTARELLIMarketing and Corporate & BtoB Communication

Sages Informatique has been an innovator serving SMEs for over 20 years. Initially specialized in data backup and digitization of paper archives via Scan Center, the company developed a DMS solution, Zeendoc, just over 10 years ago, which today has more than 300,000 users throughout Europe.
Didier DOTTARELLI - Operational Marketing Director at Zeendoc

Didier DOTTARELLI – Operational Marketing Director at Zeendoc

Why did you choose to do this job?

During my professional career I have alternated sales and marketing functions. The common thread has always been contact with the customer. Operational marketing offers me this opportunity. From the strategic development of our offers to their promotion to our resellers and end customers, the main element of interest is to respond in a pragmatic way to the expectations of the VSEs/SMEs that are our targets. The interest of marketing and commerce is that they complement each other and are able to achieve an attractive and pragmatic career path. I believe that the main interest of this business is its scalability related to changes in customer expectations and the regulatory environment.

How your Zeendoc business works are you committed to creating value through electronic document management?

Archive, classify, automate, exploit securely all information / data of our customers. Saving time and productivity, reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks without added value. Go from document to information. Facilitate the transition to a paper “0” environment.

EXAMPLE : 95% of Zeendoc solution users report saving time. On average in a VSE/SME, finance managers spend 7h30/week looking for invoices in paper archives. With the Zeendoc solution, just a few clicks, a real gain in terms of productivity. No more bottling, trips to the post office, everything is digitised. For example, that’s 5 hours saved per accountant per month for our client Exodon, a construction gamer.

How do you help your partners develop their business in collaboration with you?

Commercial Support and Evangelism Strength Partner Program (MDF, Training, Support, etc.). Support tools for sale. Communication support (Newsletter, RS relay, dealer locator under development, etc.). Marketing channel dedicated to the partner network.

How do you see your work/missions with your current and future clients… in 5 years?

Continue this support by developing new uses related to dematerialization. Integrate the evolution of the regulatory environment such as the reform of the LFE into our support and offers. From a marketing point of view, we have to adapt to new practices, especially with the constant changes in digital marketing. Although I think digital marketing and more traditional marketing will continue to coexist.
On the other hand, it seems to me that the exploitation of data will intensify and allow us to analyze customer behavior and their expectations ever more finely.

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