The best desktop computers for stock trading

Stock trading always seems like an easy feat until you put together all the required tools and theories. It is only when you start working that you will realize that you need a proper trading computer that will bear the brunt of it.

1. F-37GT Trading Computer Professional trading desktop computer

When it comes to professional industry standards, the F-37GT is the ultimate ideal trading computer. To make the most of your trading day, this Falcon desktop utilizes the latest Intel processor and CPU speeds up to 5.0GHz. It also boasts a powerful cooling system which makes this desktop not only blazing fast, but also super stable.

It’s also called the F-37 because it houses 37 pounds of technology. It already has a 12TB SSD and can support up to 3TB of backup. With 8 cores and 16 threads, full turbo speed can be sustained for longer periods of time than standard. It will also support up to 12 additional monitors.

For industry-leading performance and stability, the F-37GT leads the pack and blows away the competition by a long shot.

2. Acer Aspire AIO AZ3-715-ACKi5 desktop

The fast-paced nature of stock trading requires a machine that can cope with the expected throughput. If you’re an Acer aficionado, you can rest assured that this powerful machine comes with a stylish exterior and a desirable performance rating. It also boasts a rather impressive 7th generation Core i5 processor which ensures that you can multitask with ease.

To top it off, it’s loaded with 12GB DDR4 RAM, meaning the speed aspect is well catered for. We all know that time and speed are of the essence in stock trading and this beast ensures that you don’t have to experience any lag issues.

Acer AIO also gives you ample storage space for all your educational files and other business stuff with its 1TB internal memory capacity. Plus, you can enjoy great trading chart viewing with the generous full HD touchscreen. You can get this trading computer for under $1000 and get good value for money.

3. Lenovo AIO IdeaCentre 520S Desktop

Possibly one of the best performing sub-$1000 computers out there, the IdeaCentre is a breath of fresh air for stock traders in terms of sheer speed and reliability. The stock trading industry is quite demanding and speed is an important prerequisite. This machine ensures continuous data analysis from various sources and timely trading decisions with its 16GB DDR4 RAM and high-end HD 620 graphics.

The large 23-inch screen and 10-point multi-touch display ensure an unrivaled viewing experience. Its sleek and lightweight capabilities combine well to give you every chance to survive in a confined workspace. This superior machine is also able to handle the multiple monitor aspect seamlessly, as you can use more than a single monitor to view your trading charts without breaking a sweat.

4. HP Pavilion table treats every HP customer properly. If you’re looking for a machine that doesn’t give up on performance and is budget priced no more than $950, this is tailor-made for you. It has a reasonable screen size, giving you plenty of views to observe your charts in addition to its excellent 1920*1080 display along the edge. The visuals are impeccably clean, and you won’t have to strain yourself to stare at the dynamics of the graph for too long.

Also, this machine comes handy with a CORE I3-6100T processor that helps you handle a multitude of trading tasks in one go. More than enough 8GB RAM and 1TB physical storage space, it’s easy for you to store and retrieve files. All in all, it’s a relatively decent PC that can get many tasks done when put to good use.

5. Acer Aspire AIO S24-880-UR12

If you’re looking for extremely cutting-edge performance for a machine on a budget, then this trading computer is the real deal. Featuring the latest generation i5-825OU processor, you can rest assured when it comes to stock trading inquiries. Featuring a 1GB SATA HDD and 12GB DDR4 memory, you can expect efficiency and multitasking prowess with this beast.

Furthermore, the Aspire AIO S24-880-UR12 features a large 23.8-inch full screen that achieves extremely high levels of clarity and contrast. The display is conveniently enabled for real-time adjustment so that you can get the best visual experience when dealing with your trades. In addition, Acer developers have provided this machine with the VisionCare Tech feature that reduces eye strain even if you stare at the computer all day.

The multi monitor viewing approach is well catered for with this top tier computer. You can also enjoy fascinating screen tilts between -5 and a full 25 degrees for a comfortable viewing angle. There’s more. Enviable 620 UHD graphics give you an unforgettable viewing experience at every angle.

Wrapping up

If you’re a loyal stock trader who can’t compromise on the reliability and performance of a desktop computer, you might consider giving up on portability. Desktop computers can give you an unrivaled stock trading experience. However, there is no way around this. Think about investing in a useful machine at an economical price and that effectively combines aspects of reliability, display, memory and speed. Visit our online store and get the best value from any of your favorite desktop computer brands.

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