Laura Smet shares a rare photo of her husband Raphaël Lancrey-Javal

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Although Laura Smet is very discreet about her love life, she has been delighting her fans lately. David Hallyday’s little sister actually posted a rare photograph of Raphaël Landrey-Javal, the father of her child.

Laura Smet and her husband will soon celebrate their 10-year love

Johnny Hallyday left this world almost 6 years ago. His death has turned his family upside down, particularly his eldest daughter, Laura Smet. There is no doubt that the young woman could count on the support of her loved one during this difficult time.

FYI: Nathalie Baye’s daughter is in a relationship with a certain Raphaël Lancrey-Javal for some years. Despite being the daughter of a famous rocker, Laura Smet always knew how to protect her privacy from the media. However, he sometimes makes an exception, like this Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

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Laura Smet actually took over her Instagram account to share a rare photo of her lover. In the picture we see Raphael on a boat and looks into the distance. In the legend of this post is the daughter of Taulier made a beautiful declaration of love to her loved ones, on the occasion of the 10-year relationship that is about to begin.

“See you soon, 10 years (at 2) I’ll say it again, I love you,” we can read.

Of course, the followers of Emma Smet’s aunt did not miss this publication. Public figures such as Sarah Poniatowski or Paul Belmondo reacted to this post. Likewise, this publication has not escaped Estelle Lefébure, the former partner of David Hallyday.

A happy mother

It’s almost 10 years for Laura Smet and Raphaël Lancrey-Javal to share their lives. The two lovebirds notably said “yes” to each other in June 2019 during a ceremony in Cap-Ferret.

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In the columns of “Madame Figaro” the young woman confided her relationship with her boyfriend. In her opinion, marrying a man other than Raphaël was not a matter of course.

“Marriage would have scared me if it hadn’t been my Raphael. But with him I know I couldn’t have a better time,” she confided.

It is also thanks to this young man that Laura Smet got to know the taste of motherhood. In fact, a year after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child together, and that birth made Laura Smet’s life even better. The two men in her life mean everything to Nathalie Baye’s daughter.

“I only need my son and my husband to be happy. “The rest, the cinema, the roles, that’s a bonus,” she revealed to Version Femina in August 2022.

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Laura Smet, a very proud mother

For information: Laura Smet’s son is called Leo. The Taulier’s daughter does her best to raise her child well and tries to be as present as possible with her little bundle of joy. Since the boy was born ” The only “ What matters to Laura Smet is this Léo ” be happy “.

“I will do everything so that the dialogue between us never breaks off,” she told Version Femina.

Very dedicated in her role as mother, Laura Smet does everything to protect Leo from the media hype. Also, we still don’t know what Johnny Hallyday’s grandson looks like until now. But despite this discretion, Laura Smet does not hesitate to say more about what kind of person her child is. She had done so notably during an interview with Madame Figaro on Friday May 26, 2023.

During this interview she had mentioned this common passion she shares with her only son. Indeed, Laura Smet and little Léo are both lovers of the sea.

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“When I’m overjoyed to see my little boy in the sea, I think that’s a real source of well-being,” she says.

For Laura Smet, the ocean is much more than just water or a place. She knows the value of the sea and therefore does everything to protect it. To that end, the Taulier’s daughter doesn’t shy away from picking up the rubbish she sees on the beaches. Its goal is to make it known “our children” A “Healthy Sea” with “different shades of blue”. A true example to follow!

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