How to test the new AI art generator

How to test the new AI art generator

Already integrated with Adobe Express and the latest version of Photoshop, Firefly is now accessible through a browser.

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Adobe Firefly Text-to-Image

The browser version of Firefly offers four functions, one of which is image generation. ©Adobe

Adobe Firefly is available for free

Adobe’s generative AI was unveiled at the Adobe Summit in March and is now available to the general public. As a reminder: Adobe Firefly generates images or typographic effects on request, as offered by Midjourney or DALL-E. The artificial intelligence model specializes in content that has no rights or whose licenses have expired on Adobe Stock, and is also able to modify new elements or integrate them into an existing image.

Firefly is integrated with Adobe Express and the latest version of Photoshop and is still in beta, but is available for testing on a computer today. In addition, the tool is to be successively integrated with other software from the company, such as Experience Manager or Illustrator.

Adobe Firefly Features
Several functions can be tested today. ©Adobe

How do I use Adobe Firefly?

Previously reserved for users who submitted an application, the Firefly beta is now available for free. The only requirement: to have an Adobe account. You can test an example of the Generative AI tool’s capabilities and see user creations by visiting the Adobe Firefly website.

You can try the following tools on Adobe Firefly:

  • text to the image : Design visuals from a text request. Several parameters such as format, lighting or composition can be adjusted.
  • Additive filling : retouches, removes or integrates new original elements in a custom area of ​​the image.
  • text effects : Creates typographic effects on a specific text.
  • Generative Color : Creates color variations on a vector image.

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