Instagram: 10 stats you should know in 2022

Instagram: 10 stats you should know in 2022

Instagram turns 12 in 2022 and it’s safe to say that the app has changed many lives over its lifetime. The image-centric platform that started as a photo-publishing app has evolved into a revenue stream for creatives and a new distribution channel for businesses.

Instagram has been able to keep its user base fairly stable over the past year. In 2019, the number of declared active users remained stable at around one billion people worldwide and 17 million in France.

Still, Instagram is packed with important stats to know in 2022: average age, usage time, most popular countries, and more.

In this article, discover the 10 stats you need to know about Instagram in 2022.

1. Number of active users on Instagram in 2022

The network passed the milestone of one billion monthly active users in June 2018.
Number of active users on Instagram in 2020

2. Countries of Instagram users in 2022

Since Instagram has been around for almost a decade and has only grown influential, it prides itself on having a worldwide user base. The highest user concentration is in the United States with 116 million users. Next is India with 73 million users and Brazil with 72 million users. In the next few years, the international user market will soon surpass the US user base. This means that international brands have many opportunities to market their products to their consumers.

Countries Instagram users

3. Age and gender of Instagram users in 2022

Compared to Facebook, Instagram is a network of young users. According to Statista, more than half of the world’s Instagram users are older under 34. It is the second most popular app for teens in the US after Snapchat.

Age of the Instagram user

The 18-24 age group is the largest in the demographic. Overall, the gender distribution is almost even 51% women and 49% men.

Now that you know who uses Instagram, it’s time to examine how they use the network. Usage statistics help you understand what actions people are taking on the platform and where they place them in the marketing funnel. If users connect only once a month, it’s not worth spending a lot of time on this network.

4. Instagram accounts with the most followers in 2022

In addition to their own Instagram account, numerous celebrities also use the platform. Surprisingly, Beyonce is not among the top five most popular users right now. The accounts with the most Instagram followers in 2022 are Cristiano Ronaldo with 200 million followers, Ariana Grande and The Rock with over 170 million followers.

See this post on Instagram

Wow, 200 million!!! Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing this journey with me every day!! 👏🏽❤️
A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Jan 29, 2020 at 9:09am PST

Their strategy of engaging and gaining followers is well established to grow their user base with cheap followers.

5. Frequency of Instagram usage in 2022

About six out of ten Instagram users log in at least once a day. It is the second most used daily social media site after Facebook. 21% of users log in weekly and 16% log in less frequently.

Instagram Usage Frequency 2020

Instagram usage has increased since 2013, but growth has slowed. Instagram users spend almost as much time on the platform as Facebook users. They surf an average of 53 minutes a day compared to 58 minutes a day on Facebook. Time spent on a social network is a strong indicator of an engaging platform. And engaged users are more likely to be interested in your branded content. Combined with daily login stats, Instagram’s user base can only grow.

Average time spent on Instagram in 2020
Source: Oberlo

6. Instagram Stories consumption in 2022

The Snapchat feature clone has become a popular feature with a prominent place at the top of the app. More than, according to Instagram500 million accounts use Instagram Storiesevery day. This usage has far surpassed Snapchat’s stats of 210 million daily users.

Instagram stories users 2020

7. How brands use Instagram

When 90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram, it makes sense that brands want to get in on the marketing spree too. Platform users are also not fatigued by the presence of brands. According to a survey, 78% of them say they see brands on Instagram as popular, 77% as creative, 76% as entertaining, and 72% as engaged in community building.

Instagram is now recognized as an ideal tool for e-commerce marketing. The platform is often used as the discovery part of the sales funnel. 83% of Instagram users discover new products or services on the platform.

8. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is now an industry in its own right and individuals make it their sole source of income. You can also capitalize on this trend by planning an influencer strategy or campaign.

By sector, 91% luxury brands, 84% sportswear brands, and 83% beauty brands are the top three industries collaborating with Instagram influencers.

Instagram influencer sector 2020

9. Brand engagement rate on Instagram in 2022

Knowing the average engagement rates and trends will help marketers plan their future Instagram strategy. For example, if videos became more attractive, marketers would invest in video production.
With an average engagement rate of 1.60%, the brands with the highest engagement rates are academia (3.96%), nonprofits (2.40%) and corporations. sports teams (2.40%).

Brand engagement rate on Instagram in 2020

10. Best time to post on Instagram in 2022

The best times to post on Instagram, according to Sprout’s own research, are 11 a.m. Wednesday and 10-11 a.m. Friday. The worst day to post is Sunday, and the worst times to post are late at night and early in the morning, from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Best time to post on Instagram in 2020

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