In the face of inflation, the paradox of small luxury pleasures

According to Google’s recent study on search trends, in the face of inflation, we are far from stopping pampering ourselves: on the contrary, we are increasingly looking for quality products. We don’t want to buy more, but buy better, for a better return on investment. This is demonstrated by the increasing searches for words such as “luxury sunglasses”, “luxury perfume”, “luxury bob”, “luxury banana”, “luxury kebab” or even “luxury underwear”.

Tourism: luxury at low prices

For its part, the tourism and hospitality sector must respond to a new type of demand: last-minute short stays (often weekends) in high-end properties. The other side of this trend? To afford this kind of one-off pleasure, consumers must be able to monitor their budget the rest of the time. We therefore see that, at the same time, searches such as “Second hand”, “Cheap coffee” or “Cheapest freezer” are growing. In the field of tourism, the success of some offers such as those of Stay, which offer luxury stays at discounted prices, is an illustration of this paradox. The trend of “used train tickets” is even increasing. Even though more and more French people are looking for luxury stays at affordable prices, for operators in the sector it’s all a question of balance!

Costs that are worth it

Faced with the dilemma between inflation and pleasures, the French choose spending items based on their priorities. And some are quite unexpected! This especially applies to products of animal origin, which have not been spared from the price increase. According to a study conducted by the pet-sitting platform ROVER, 84% of those interviewed noticed an increase in the budget reserved for their pets. 76% say they are worried about the situation. And yet… 35% of those interviewed prefer to reduce other expenses, just to continue to spoil their hairballs! And for good reason, 65% of them say their pet is what makes them happiest every day.

Bab’In, a brand of premium pet food with the Origine France Garante label, focuses on products of local origin from the Tarn: Landes duck, Camargue rice, etc. A collaboration with Thierry Marx gave rise in particular to the creation of aromatic grinds to be sprinkled on croquettes (Chicken-tomatoes, Duck-carrots or even Trout seaweed). The Lab range and the Ultra range, formulated by a veterinary nutritionist, also satisfy some health needs: urinary problems, weight loss, skin or joint sensitivity, etc. And since when you love you don’t count, dog and cat owners are ready to entrust their best friends too luxury hotels, which are becoming more and more numerous in France. The result is water fountains, pots of catnip, zen music to relax them, grooming, walks, playrooms or even fitness sessions in a private pool!

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