Brand archetypes for social media content creation

Decoding brand archetypes: Revealing the tone of voice for social media success

We explore the different brand archetypes according to Carl Jung, each with their own distinct personality and tone of voice.

The caregiver

Description: The caregiver archetype is friendly, compassionate, and empathetic.

Tone of voice: warm, compassionate and trustworthy.

The creator

Description: The creator archetype is innovative, imaginative and visionary.

Tone of voice: cutting edge, creative and inspiring.

The everyman

Description: The archetypal common man is sympathetic, realistic, and approachable.

Tone of voice: conversational, inclusive and understandable.

The explorer

Description: The explorer archetype is adventurous, curious, and daring.

Tone of voice: exploratory, invigorating and challenging.

The hero

Description: The hero archetype is confident, determined, and inspiring.

Tone of voice: bold, inspiring and motivating.

The innocent

Description: the innocent archetype is pure, optimistic and full of hope.

Tone of voice: simple, optimistic and authentic.

The madman

Description: The jester archetype is playful, funny, and witty.

Tone of voice: light, fun and witty.

The lover

Description: The lover archetype is passionate, sensual and romantic.

Tone of voice: intimate, affectionate and emotional.

The magician

Description: the magician archetype is transformative, enchanting, and mystical.

Tone of voice: engaging, insightful and thought-provoking.

The outlaw

Description: The outlaw archetype is rebellious, energetic and defiant.

Tone of voice: challenging, unusual and bold.


Description: The leader archetype is authoritarian, prestigious and imposing.

Tone of voice: confident, authoritative and influential.

The wise

Description: The wise man archetype is rational, knowledgeable, and informative.

Tone of voice: knowledgeable, insightful and informative.

These brand archetypes guide you on how to shape your brand’s personality and tone of voice.

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