Webedia, Cosmopolitan, Twitch, TikTok… Media and social networks: what's new? (09

Webedia, Cosmopolitan, Twitch, TikTok… Media and social networks: what’s new?  (09

Webedia strengthens its commitment to mental health

On the occasion of the mental health information weeks, the media-tech group Webedia strengthens its commitment through its initiatives” Webedia forever », which results in the sharing of numerous articles and content around this cause until October 15th.

While mental health is increasingly at the center of priorities, especially after consecutive confinements that have particularly affected younger generations, the group mobilized all its sites from October 9 to October 15, with the contents identified “ Mental Health Week ” And ” Webedia forever ».

The media Doctor Bravo! et I hope you are fine are offering a special week of content dedicated to this theme and have notably launched a new podcast “I hope you’re well”. The site AlloCiné deals with the series that have addressed this theme and which have allowed us to eliminate the taboo on various topics. The site JV, dedicated to video game news, looks at gaming therapy to try to feel better. And finally, the site 750 g discuss the benefits of cooking in your mind.

Furthermore, many other articles dedicated to this topic are proposed in the group’s media such as: easyviaggio, PurePeople, Terrafemina, MGG, Le 10 Sport, PureMedias, PureBreak, Parent Esausto OR PureCharts. The social networks of these different media also offer videos, interviews and carousels on this topic, accompanied by the hashtag #MentalHealthWeek.

The Webedia group’s commitment is also realized internally as it raises awareness among its employees by informing them every day through a newsletter on various topics related to mental health: addiction to social networks, eating disorders, invisible disabilities or even the management of emotions. A masterclass is also organized within the company for content creators to raise awareness about their own mental health and that of their community.

« The issue of mental health is of particular concern to us because it is becoming increasingly important among younger generations. It is therefore natural for us to mobilize the entire Webedia group: a group that targets both the younger generation through its media, its content creators and its social networks, and a group that is itself largely made up of people under 30 years old. », declares Michèle Benzeno, General Director of Webedia.

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