the other levers for your SEO

the other levers for your SEO

Fill in amplifier Your netlinking strategy, it is preferable to bet on several complementary levers. Focus on the best performers not to be overlooked!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, especially with search engines. SEO Strategies must evolve rapidly in line with the new rules. Suffice it to say that it’s better to rely on multiple optimization levers to avoid wiping out all your efforts overnight.

The same goes for the backlinks. When the effectiveness of sponsored articles is no longer proven, other effective techniques can be employed. This tightening is especially important at a time when organizations face both network networking and branding challenges.

Because of this, some Netlinking Platforms, particularly RocketLinks, offer the activation of a variety of other complementary levers to brands’ netlinking strategies. To help you understand how they can amplify your actions, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery into each one of them Sacha Tyzon, Netlinking Project Manager at RocketLinks!

Links to existing articles

Pour generate backlinksMany brands choose to buy fromsponsored articles. However, another technique is very common today: creating links to existing articles. Instead of buying content outright, it is possible to backlink a page that is already visible on Google for certain searches.

“Unlike a sponsored article, this method lets us know in advance if we’re linking to already well-positioned content with relevant keywords and how popular the page is,” Sacha Tyzon points out..

L’Another benefit of the backlink in an existing article is that the weight of the link is taken into account much more quickly by the search engines. The effect is even greater when the link is in a new paragraph.

Although this lever has proven itself, it must be used sparingly. If too much new backlinks are placed on existing content – compared to new backlinks on new pages – this could appear unusual in Google’s eyes and therefore counterproductive.

Backlinks-Liens en SEO

However, one question remains: Where can I buy links to existing articles? Although it is possible to search the Internet in search of suitable websites, you will save more time if you use a special platform such as Rocket Links. There you can enter a keyword to quickly find the right medium for you from the more than 80,000 available pages.

Site-wide links

About a decade ago, one lever was an integral part of brands’ natural referencing strategies: sitewide links. In concrete terms, this is the repetition of an internal or external link on almost all pages of a website in a fixed part on all pages of the website, for example in the footer.

“This allows you to send as much SEO juice as possible, either to the sponsored article that creates a backlink, or directly to the client site,” explains Sacha Tyzon.

At the time when Google’s algorithms Were a little less efficient than today, brands created masses of site-wide links on over-optimized anchors, even when the topic was very far from the media site. Suffice to say it didn’t make too much sense!

Not surprisingly, the rules governing these links have evolved, especially with Google Penguin. However, that doesn’t mean that site-wide links should be left out. They remain powerful levers for Drive traffic to a website, provided you use them well. The first point of vigilance is the anchors, which need to be simple and more “branding” oriented.

For example, “Plumber Guy” if the link points to the brand’s home page, or “Plumber Guy Ile-de-France” if the link must point to an intermediate page that qualifies as the home page for Ile-de-France. from France. However, you need to be careful that the subject matter of the media you choose isn’t too far removed from yours, so there’s logic and consistency in the eyes of Google and the readership.

“Of course, sometimes it’s possible to place the link further up the main part of the homepage to have a little more semantics, but generally it’s placed at the bottom. A second technique can also be used.

This creates a site-wide link to a sponsored article, which in turn links back to the brand’s website. At RocketLinks we offer both alternatives! ‘ adds the expert.

Links of the second level

In recent years, more and more agencies and brands are relying on a tiered backlink strategy. Tier 1 sends SEO juice to Tier 2, which sends it to Tier 3. Ultimately, the target side gets all of that accumulated juice, allowing it to do this gain visibility and popularity.

Links of the second level

Some experts choose to rely on it more extensively the creation of second-level links. In such a context, they buy articles in other media, mostly at low prices, referring not to their own website but to the sponsored articles. This technique allows the articles to retain more weight even as they move down the section’s pagination.

At Rocket Linksit is possible to buy several of these articles with second level backlinks at the same time over time Order sponsored content. The device can be used whenever it suits you best.

Links via social networks

Nowadays this happens almost systematically: as soon as a sponsored article is published in a medium, it is shared on social networks. The link is nofollow, which means that it does not return the article’s popularity in Google’s PageRank algorithm. In this case you are probably wondering: What is the real point of sharing the link to sponsored content on social media? There is only one answer to this: the opportunity to expand the scope of the article.

This sends traffic that not only increases brand awareness, but a Positive signal for Google. Suppose we have on one side a page with sponsored content that is read by 5 visitors and on the other side that is read by 10,000 people thanks to the reinforcement of social networks. It is certain that many of these thousands of visitors will read the article about Chrome or Android belonging to Google.

The search engine that has all this traffic data will highlight the second page rather than the first. Then there is a good chance that the number of clicks on the backlink to the brand’s website will increase, which is an additional positive signal.

“This allows us to design a netlinking strategy much more efficiently than we can imagine,” emphasizes the expert.

For this reason RocketLinks offers thousands of media Season offer on social networks! Simply select the option on the platform when purchasing your sponsored item and you’re all set 😉

Sponsored Sections

Surely you’ve browsed through the categories of a medium and seen a brand name next to a headline. For example “Technologies with LuxxTech Electronics”. Have you ever wondered what it really brings to a brand? With this powerful device, he can position a number of sponsored articles in the same area of ​​a website.

“Several techniques can be adopted. The brand can create multiple articles that link to their website. It can also create just one or two pieces of content with a link pointing to its website and advertise those backlinks with links coming from the other articles in the headline.

For some media, you can create a backlink from the category home page that will be automatically advertised through the breadcrumb trails of articles in the same section, in addition to the site-wide link in the menu,” explains Sacha Tyzon.

It brings a real Strengthening the brand’s netlinking strategy, because it benefits from all the authority of the media’s site, as well as a genuine publicity cross with an audience. This not only strengthens the company’s SEO strategy but also increases its visibility.

Now you know the other levers that can be activated Boost your netlinking strategyyou just have to get started 😉

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