How to add music to Instagram notes

How to add music to Instagram notes

How to make voice memos on Instagram

read Instagram Notes They arrived on Instagram in early 2023 as if they were some sort of status where users can comment on what they’re doing. They appear in the Instagram inbox and are visible to all followers.

Only the contacts you’ve exchanged messages with can hear the music you include in your notes.

Via Instagram notes, the user can share short messages with less than 60 characters and insert emojis in them. However, songs can now also be added. It’s a very easy feature to use, but not many people know about it. You can try it out in seconds with the step-by-step guide below.

Instagram Notes

How to add music to your Instagram notes

– Access Instagram from your mobile phone or computer.

– Go to the Messages section and click the “+” icon on your profile photo above your messages.

– Now select the music symbol.

– Search for a song to add to the note. You can choose between different categories, either by artist, genre or a specific title.

– When you found the song you like, click on it to preview.

– If you agree to add this song, press the confirmation button that you see in one of the corners of your screen to confirm the choice.

– Done, you can now write the note. Remember that the length cannot exceed 60 characters and can also contain emojis.

It’s important to remember that Instagram doesn’t let you add music from the device storage to your notes, only songs from the app’s library. But don’t worry, fortunately the Instagram repertoire is quite diverse. There you can find music from genres like reggae, hip-hop, pop, rock, R&B and others or search your music by artist.

You’ll see that using songs in your Instagram notes is a great way to take interaction with your followers and contacts to the next level. If you haven’t used this new feature yet, you can now because the steps explained here have also taught you how to create notes without having to include audio.

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