Why is marketing important in business?

Why is marketing important in business?

Marketing in business is essential and despite the bad times, it can undoubtedly weather the global recession.

The importance of business marketing is the key factor in making a business always work.

The international uncertainty caused since 2020 by different causes, many of them unexpected and unprecedented, has a very effective “antidote” in marketing in general and in email marketing in particular.
Specialists in these techniques have redoubled their efforts and have been able to respond to the difficulties of all kinds that have arisen. Consequently, today they point to new trends that will most likely solidify in the already imminent year 2023.

For this reason, it’s fair to say: Corporate marketing is coping with the global recession, and the longer it takes to realize this, the more likely it is that your business will fail.

Why can business marketing do everything?

The reason is simple: the marketing that companies 12 use to improve marketing and sell their products or services has managed to adapt to these difficult times thanks to the marketing of professionals specialized in this field.

Market studies have evolved, delving deeper into different sectors, and consumer habits have changed, largely due to exceptional circumstances.

But not all are joys. Companies that don’t apply this newly developed marketing are left behind and it’s getting harder and harder to survive.

let’s quote Some examples who stirred up the international scene:

  • The Covid Pandemic
  • The Brexit.
  • The difficulties of transportation (remember the Always given “caught” in the Suez Canal)
  • The lack of microchips and raw materials.
  • Climate change has been more pronounced and had more severe impacts in the last three years than in the last three decades
  • Rising energy and fuel prices
  • The forced paralysis of the production centers
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • World political instability
  • Workers’ protests and citizens’ revolts
  • The preciousness of life

How to use marketing effectively in the company

In order for a marketing campaign to work in a company, several factors must be taken into account that ensure that the company never gets into trouble.

effective business marketing

market information

As you saw in the previous section, all of these events were or are major obstacles to international trade and economic activity.

However, the companies that invested the most in marketing, despite all of this, saw a 30% increase in profitability.

This is confirmed by a study by the Spanish multinational consultancy LLYC (Llorente y Cuenca), according to Telemetro, an information channel of the Panamanian media company MEDCOM.

It is about the application of “market intelligence” and one of the valuable opportunities available to any business is the service of Mailrelay.com to send bulk emails.

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Mailrelay offers a service that does not carry out indiscriminate and arbitrary mass mailings.

It is a highly effective tool for email marketing With it, you can open a free account and use it to send up to eighty thousand promotional emails per month and upload up to twenty thousand contacts to the system.

All this with user support, no ads or limitations on daily broadcasts.

Online marketing uso

While for established businesses this newly evolved marketing represents the ‘make or break’ of their future in today’s turbulent markets, for new entrepreneurs and startups the use of this email marketing tool is vital to success.

Those who don’t use it go unnoticed as if it didn’t exist. And it fails.

The importance of startup shows itself on the new world market. Evidence of this is that the Spanish government is promoting a new law startupthe first in this matter, the draft of which has already been accepted in the Chamber of Deputies.

The aim is to facilitate entrepreneurship in Spain, although there is still a long way to go before its entry into force.

Not making yourself known online and using marketing techniques, especially email marketing, to introduce yourself to your target audience of customers and potential users is like they don’t exist, no matter how good the product or service you provide are ready to offer something.

Use of email marketing

For all of this, it is important to have an email marketing tool like the one provided by Mailrelay.com.

An email marketing service already present and successful in Spain, USA, Brazil, France, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico.

This tool manages to increase the company’s sales in just a few very quick steps:

  • Open an account, which can be free at the user’s request
  • Thanks to the three possible import options, you can easily import all contacts without wasting time on these details
  • sending a mailinghas created a very easy to use editor that includes templates for Copy very effective.
  • Measure the results well, because Mailrelay.com analyzes and measures the results of email marketing campaigns in order to optimize them and thus interact more and better with users and customers thanks to the emails sent.
  • Contacts are segmented beforehand. It is therefore not a question of mass sending of random e-mails (spam). The content is personalized and the results are measured with complete statistics.

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Conclusions on the importance of marketing in companies

As you have seen, everything is moving very quickly, any company that does not adapt to the new times, both in good times and in possible setbacks, will be doomed to failure.

Using powerful tools, online marketing, email marketing, etc. are elements that you must use in any business strategy. When your company is surrounded by good professionals, any project will survive and/or far outperform the competition.

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