Portrait Marketing Technique: Emilie CARMAGNACMarketing and Communication Corporate & BtoB

Portrait Marketing Technique: Emilie CARMAGNACMarketing and Communication Corporate & BtoB

Published on June 13, 2023

Portrait Marketing Technology: Naitways

Founded in 2008, Naitways is a French cloud and network operator, ISO 27001 certified. We support our clients in outsourcing their infrastructures and in their cloud, cybersecurity, data backup, DRP projects, etc. We also have a smart building -Connectivity offer.

Emilie CARMAGNAC – Marketing and Communications Director – Naitways

Why did you choose this job?

I started B2B marketing over 20 years ago. At the end of my master’s degree in international business, I decided to get into marketing and started in digital B2B in London. I then continued my career in France with publishers and IT manufacturers, then decided to make a “detour” to a strategic marketing agency and even went through the entrepreneur box. Thanks to this career, my vision of marketing and its role in companies has evolved a lot. Today I am convinced that marketers can push the boundaries! Customize offers, engage and nurture audiences, create differentiating content to bring to the table.

How is your company committed to creating value from Naitways cloud solutions?

We designed and developed an offering that meets today’s enterprise needs for hosted and managed infrastructure. We are specifically commended for our ability to provide tailored responses that ensure the availability and security of critical data, for the robustness and high security of our Sovereign Cloud, and for the dedication, closeness and deep domain expertise of our teams.

How do you help your partners to develop their business together with you?

With joint marketing programs, we want to advertise our offers in a targeted manner. We work hand in hand on campaigns and events that allow us to strengthen our partnership. All this dynamic is implemented by the commercial teams, the channel teams and the technical experts.

How do you see your task/tasks with your current and future customers… in 5 years?

In 5 years, B2B marketing will be even more mature thanks to digital and data. I hope we’ve made progress in terms of personalization and creating value for our customers and prospects. I think that we need to be more connected to our partners, that we need to operate in real ecosystems to better serve our customers’ needs. If we manage to create sustainable synergies, our offerings and the way we market them become even more relevant.

Heart attack

What is your favorite advertisement: “What are the codes?” – Channel+

Your favorite book: “The unbearable lightness of being” – Milan Kundera

Your favorite music: “Tear Drop” – Massive attack

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