Connect your accounting to your CRM: improve your management quickly and at lower costs

The separation of sales operations (CRM) and invoicing (accounting tool) is the basis of many frictions in SMEs: loss of visibility on cash flow, double recording, etc.

Unlike other digital projects, integrating accounting with CRM is simple to set up, inexpensive, and doesn’t require teams to adjust timing to create value—a real “hack” for entrepreneurs.

The challenges of this integration for SMEs:

– 360-degree view of customers: Aligning accounting and CRM allows you to have a complete view of each customer, from prospecting to invoicing. This global vision promotes rapid and informed decision-making.

– Greater operational efficiency: Integration eliminates double entry and reduces errors, ensuring consistency between sales and accounting teams.

– Delegation of invoice creation: By transferring this responsibility from accountants to ADVs and sellers, you not only optimize time, but also ensure that invoices are created immediately after the conclusion of a sale or service.

– Improved invoice tracking: With centralized invoice status tracking accessible to all, payment recovery is accelerated. Each team member can track the status of invoices, making it easier to manage reminders and improve cash flow.

Simplicity of implementation

Solution providers like noa ( have developed solutions that are very easy to implement. Contrary to what you might think, connect your accounting to your CRM: improve your management quickly and at lower costs, their integration only takes a few minutes to set up. Once this step is taken, companies will be able to immediately benefit from the advantages offered by this synergy.

The importance of an ecosystem of connected business applications

Integrating accounting with CRM is a fundamental step for SMEs. This operation, although simple to implement, offers significant advantages in terms of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, this integration is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s part of a broader vision where an ecosystem of connected business applications enables SMBs to remain competitive and responsive.

Noa supports SMEs with a holistic and realistic approach to digitalization, in which each tool is interconnected to respond to problems in the field. To find out how Noa can support your SME in this transition, visit

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