Create marketing games during sports highlights

Create marketing games during sports highlights

THE sports highlights they are funny moments that captivate crowds and which are followed by millions of French people around the world. These events represent real opportunities for your brand and for engaging your audience around sport. It is to your advantage to position yourself for one of the summer’s upcoming sporting events.

To help you in your approach, know that different game mechanics from our catalog are perfectly suited to this type of event.

By skillfully implementing this type of solution, you will be able to achieve several strategic objectives such as:

  • Create traffic on your website,
  • Gather qualified data on sports enthusiasts,
  • Offer a moment of entertainment to your audience,
  • Drain sales through games with a purchase obligation,
  • Build a loyal customer base.
sports event game

1. Matches to choose for sports highlights

The time quiz

Launch a fun contest specific to your business with a multiple-choice questionnaire like the different contests. Indeed, now is the time to do itengage your audience or present a product. With the Chronoquiz, assess your audience’s level of product awareness through a series of questions in record time. To stay in the world of sport, don’t hesitate to graphically decorate your products with the colors of your favorite team or sport.

Spread your operation on your social networks, in dedicated newsletters and by adding a banner on one or more pages of your site that links directly to the game.

Participants who obtain the best score will win two tickets to the match to enjoy these unforgettable moments with their friends. To make your campaign an exclusive event, reserve access to the game for a limited number of players by activating the “Limit” feature.

Le Timeline Competition

Liven up your community launching simple daily challenges to complete with a Timeline contest.

The principle: invite your community to make a prediction on the winning athlete on Facebook, in the comments of your publication. Who will have seen well? At the end of each competition, a winner will be randomly drawn from the comments containing the name of the winner of the match.

Practical tip: via our form drawing by lotselect your winners by choosing the winner designation method you prefer: comments and likes, keywords, reactions, etc.

Now you know how to increase activity on your page and engage your Facebook community with effective and fast animations!

The Prediction: the classic of sports highlights

Faced with these strong moments that generate enthusiasm, think of a mechanic that can do it increase your visibility. For example, invite your community to play the game Prognosis. They will have to guess the match results before each tournament. From the application, your participants will have two prediction options per match: propose the exact score or choose the winner of the match.

What if you activated the viral side of the operation by allowing players to challenge their friends through game sharing? Know that there are more than twenty sharing possibilities to gain notoriety.

At the end of the competition there will be a draw to reward the best informants, based on the number of points accumulated. Also welcome is an endowment for enthusiasts who are increasingly attracted by surprise gifts.

Instant win calendar

Take advantage of the Instant Win calendar mechanic to create a animation marketing for the entire duration of the competition. Revisit one of the most popular mechanics in our catalog with the theme of a sporting event. Each competition day invites your audience to register and scratch a winning ticket. This device is very effective for trigger the conversion of your potential customers thanks to special discounts on your products, goods or services.

Tip: To only make people happy, give the losers gadgets branded with your establishment’s image.

sports marketing games

2. Our practical tips for successful campaigns

The game teases : arouse the curiosity of your audience with captivating content that you will communicate as teasers on your different channels (your blog, your newsletters, sponsorships, etc.).

Another jokey tip: you can also activate your campaign in advance and use the “campaign not started” step as a landing page to promote the game.

The marketing partnership : in this dynamic of festive events, are you trying to recruit new customers, to develop your notoriety? Set up a cross-communication operation with one or more partners whose positioning and target are in line with yours.

How to do ? It’s very simple, from the back office of your game, you can generate the microsite link or the Iframe code of your mechanic. This way, your partners can directly integrate the game into their websites or broadcast the operation in a newsletter via the microsite URL.

As you will have understood, the more partners you have, the greater the audience around your game, take advantage of it to generate leads and enrich your database !

Mobile optimization: remember that the smartphone is the most used medium by internet users, so think “Mobile first”. Therefore, remember to take the time to optimize your design to better engage players in real-time.

The Drive to Store : propose an online competition that allows you to receive discounts or win prizes that can only be used at points of sale. This type of strategic operation allows you to attract presences in points of sale and thus promote your goods or services related (near or far) to sport.

Set up a campaign for sports highlights on Socialshaker

Manage the performance of your actions: thanks to the “Analytics” module you will obtain precise information on the traffic absorbed by your game and on the number of pages viewed at each stage of the game. By regularly monitoring these indicators you will be able to evaluate the performance of your actions and therefore act accordingly to relaunch your communication plan if you notice significant drops.

Legalization in progress and competition rules: We advise you to avoid any direct or indirect association with sporting events in your promotional campaigns. To benefit from indisputable legal value, we recommend that you verify the rules of your contest with a law enforcement representative. For added security, Socialshaker allows you to deposit automatically with a partner bailiff.

Do you need more information or advice? Feel free to contact us via the Live Chat on the bottom right of the screen!

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