Are you a leader?

After having achieved the feat of overcoming all the difficulties linked to creating a company, you face a new challenge: that of consolidating yourself as a leader, both in your team and in your professional community. It’s time to start taking stock: do you have the soul of a leader?

Some managers think that their position in the organization chart makes them legitimate and therefore manage based on this criterion. However, to be considered a leader in other criteria such as employee recognition because skills but also interpersonal skills are at stake.

By the way, what is a good leader?

We all have in mind the image of the ultra-charismatic leader who manages to motivate his teams with a simple look, just with his presence! A bit of an overused representation, right? The good news is that there are many ways to express leadership and even those who are not born with an obvious ability to stir up crowds can develop the skills necessary to do so. become a good leader. Whatever form a person’s expression of leadership takes, its definition remains unchanged.

Be able to unite your teams

“It is through contact with others that man learns what he knows. ”


How to join teams?

When we look at the leaders of startups that have developed in an instant, we could say that the main quality of the leader is:

  • modesty
  • the ability to use the potential of your employees.

Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence and unite other people to achieve goals shared by all.

A good leader manages to inspire and guide people towards a relationship of trust and mutual respect. The mission of a leader in a company is to know how to communicate well with their teams to motivate them to move forward together towards achieving an ambitious goal. Leadership is not an end in itself. A good leader does not seek to gain power to influence others solely for his own personal glory. “Self-centered” leadership is totally unproductive. An effective leader relies on his leadership abilities to get his team to adhere to a common goal: the development of the company, the achievement of high business goals, the establishment of harmonious teamwork, the creation of increasingly better products. innovative…

Give meaning to work

A business leader who has leadership knows how to give meaning to the work of his teams to motivate them to improve themselves. His main quality is knowing how to transmit his vision of the company to others and unite his team around this project, transmitting his passion to them. He is also a good strategist who knows how to move forward so that his company achieves its objectives. His great strength is knowing how to impose his strategy and persuade others of his merits, even when everyone tells him that he is wrong. Finally, we cannot overlook the three values that make the difference between leaders and good leaders: the exemplary attitude, respect for others and humility.

Are you a leader or just the boss?

It’s not because the words “business manager,” “manager,” or “president” appear in gold letters on your business card that you are actually a leader among your team. It’s not that simple… A manager leads his team for the simple reason that he is their superior. The status of leader is acquired by a person not thanks to his position in the company, but because he has been able to consolidate himself as such within the team. Unlike a simple manager, a leader is not seen as a restrictive source of authority.

The manager is more in a dynamic of imposing tasks to be carried out, when the leader focuses on his relationships with people to inspire them. The manager is a controller, the leader is a driving force. This imposes a formal authority, unlike the leader who is naturally accepted as the leader we ourselves want to follow. The difference in posture is manifested in the communication between oneself and one’s employees. Some tips to establish your leadership among your teams: listen to your employees, and not just by email, give real responsibilities to your employees so that they feel involved in the project you carry out, tell them the challenges you faced when creating and making grow the business or highlight your efforts.

Also work on your leadership towards the professional community in your sector: seeing that your peers recognize you as an expert in your field, your employees will only be able to adhere to your vision and choose to become the natural leader of your business. .

The leader: knowing how to question and be available

According to François-Daniel Migeon in his book The Authentic Leader published by Editions Eyrolles, the leader must develop interpersonal skills and knowledge “ if the leader agrees to transform to meet the mission and team requirements. Accepting to evaluate character, personal qualities, skills, as necessary for the mission and seeking to adapt to implement it is the third key to authentic leadership. The leader must allow himself to be transformed to develop three capacities in particular: that of moving his teams from dream to project, from observation to commitment and, finally, “making it happen.” Choosing to make oneself available to one’s professional vocation and to make oneself available to everyone naturally leads to transformation to develop the best in oneself, for the benefit of those around us: this is the virtuous circle of authentic leadership.”

1 square + 2 leaders = a dangerous game

Let’s imagine a ship in which two captains would seek to dominate each other at all costs to impose themselves on the crew as leaders on board… completely aberrant, right? And yet, this is precisely the situation we find in many two-boss companies. To get out of this grotesque situation that hampers business development, the only solution remains to define precisely which of the two “leaders” is officially the boss. If neither of us agrees to let him go, then we will have to seriously think about a more radical situation, such as the departure of one of the two partners.

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