Foolproof marketing strategy to sell more

Foolproof marketing strategy to sell more
If we told you that you could explode your sales with a humor-based marketing strategywould you believe us?
We hope so, because it’s real!
That same strategy can create a more emotional and closer connection with your audience and reduce your lead and customer acquisition cost significantly.
It is widely known as humor content oh humorous content. Laughter sells and we have proven it on multiple occasions.
Since we started including it in our launch and digital sales campaigns, we have achieved fantastic results.
The rise and virality of humor content has not been a matter of luck. Let’s do a brief summary to better understand that reality.
The saturation of online content and the constant struggle to stand out among millions of daily publications that brands make on social networks have forced them to execute this type of marketing strategy.
For many it is daring, while for others it is an infallible weapon to connect, attract and sell more.
We are part of the second group!

Humor is a great ally of marketing and sales

There are no secrets: we have simply known how to capitalize on our audience’s desire to learn and be actively entertained on digital platforms.
This humor-based marketing strategy is present in almost all of our campaigns and also in those of our clients.
Thanks to it we can attract and retain the attention of our target and above all, capture leads at a practically non-existent cost.
It has also allowed us to multiply the reach and impressions of our organic publications on social networks during each of the phases of the launch campaigns:

  • Expectation.
  • Catchment.
  • Live training (throws).
  • Sale.

Today we tell you how we have used this marketing strategy in one of the group’s largest launches Convert More and how it has helped us bill thousands of dollars at zero cost.

What is the humor content?

What exactly is the humor content and why is it crucial to attract, convert and retain your audience in the current digital scenario?
We’ll get right to the point: humorous content involves the creation and distribution of posts that use humor as the primary means of communication.
Multiple pieces can be created: from memes, to comic videos or witty posts on blogs, emails and social networks.
He humor content seeks to entertain, surprise, educate and ultimately connect emotionally with the audience.
The last step is essential, because the explosion of strategic conversions depends on it.
Why should it not be missing from your own launch and sales marketing campaigns?
Because people don’t just want to consume the networks to study or consume sales-oriented content.
The data reveals that she is also eager to have fun and entertain herself. A survey conducted by Oracle revealed that “91% of people around the world prefer brands to be fun.”
Here we share some of the humorous content we have created to get new registrations for our next launch:
That of our double certification in Growth Marketing and Artificial Intelligence (CMD):

We’re sure they all made you smile!
Each of these memes has been focused on attracting thousands of free leads to three live classes about marketing and sales with AI.
These trainings will be dictated by the founder of the Convert More GroupVilma Núñez, and the current CEO, Jose Villalobos, with the aim of selling CMD.

Foolproof marketing strategy to sell more

Now that you know what the humor content and what its relevance is in today’s digital marketing industry, we will tell you how we have leveraged it in our largest launches, such as IAN and CMD.
This is what we have done:
Instead of prioritizing more traditional marketing approaches, we have opted for marketing strategies. Growth Marketing more updated and disruptive.
That’s why we decided to bet on humor and make it a cornerstone of our digital launch campaigns.

Breaking down this strategy

From the beginning we understood that humor would allow us to stand out and humanize our brands more—although it would also make them more accessible to our audiences.
We’ll give you some context: CMD is a double certification in Growth Marketing and Artificial Intelligence.
Honestly, the market is saturated with academic offerings, so we needed to break the mold to make ours stand out and shine.
Humor helped us achieve that goal.
In fact, it became our key differentiator and allowed us to engage our various avatars more effectively.
During the last launch of CMD, the use of memes and video memes allowed us to multiply the reach of our organic content in instagram in an impressive way.

marketing strategy
Fountain: Convert More.

That single meme carousel had over 91,000 impressions. If you’re familiar with this metric, you understand what that number means.
Essentially, that single post was displayed almost 92,000 times on screen.
With it we not only humanized the brand, but we got thousands of new registrations.

  • Personalization of humorous content

The effectiveness of this marketing strategy lay in the personalization of the content.
We’ll be honest: in the context of education online, There are topics that are naturally more serious or a little more technical.
So, if humor is not intelligently adapted to the strategy or worse, if it is abused, the consequences could be dire.
Not only would there be the risk of the brand being branded as “not very serious”, but the academic quality of the offer could also be threatened.
Avoiding those risks requires customization, and that’s exactly what we did during our previous CMD release.
In essence, we customize memes and copy based on each stage of the launch: Expectation, acquisition, live classes and sale.
And not only that. We also made sure to select trending clips and images of that moment to leverage their virality.
This is a real example:

marketing strategy
Fountain: Convert More.

We take a clip from the movie Barbieat the peak of virality at the time of our launch, we personalized it and adapted the text with the help of artificial intelligence.
In a matter of hours the results blew our minds.
He humor content allowed us to increase the interaction of our followers on instagram with that one post.
At the same time, it helped remember the message of our educational offer.
The response from users was positive and favorable and thanks to that single piece of humor-based content, registrations for our live classes experienced a brutal spike.

  • Use of artificial intelligence

Inevitably, we include automations with artificial intelligence (AI) in this marketing strategy.
If we were selling a certification in AI, how could we leave it out in such a special case?
Although we used multiple AI tools to automate processes and create unforgettable content for this launch campaign, some of the most notable were ChatGPT, eleven laboratories and Many chat.
All parts of humor content that we published during the launch phases were automated with Many chat.
they are backend It was full of chatbots that automated conversations with users, lead capture, reminders and sales.

Fountain: Convert More.

This way we reduced the cost of capturing leads, achieved conversion rates of over 80% and multiplied our sales – all on autopilot.

Sell more with the help of the hhumor content

The success of humor content lies in its ability to break down the barriers between brands and their audience, creating an environment of trust, authenticity and fun.
And best of all, implementing this marketing strategy doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.
With a little creativity and an audience-centric approach, any brand can harness the power of humor to fuel their growth and reach new levels of success in the world of Growth Marketing.
From generating buzz and capturing leads to boosting sales and strengthening connections with the audience, the humor content has the potential to completely transform the way brands communicate and engage with their target audiences.

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