An asset for your social marketing strategy?

An asset for your social marketing strategy?

Social media platforms copy each other. Reels on Instagram, carousels on TikTok, Shorts on YouTube… And then, from time to time, a new idea arises.
Launched a year ago, Instagram Notes suggested a new dimension in your communication. More personal, more direct communication. Be closer and closer to your audience.

But these Insta Notes have not (yet) had the expected success. Is it worth starting? What can they bring you?

Instagram notes: what are they for?

To the origin, Instagram Notes are mini messages of up to 60 characters.
With text and emojis, you can show certain members of your community that you’re thinking of them. A brief announcement. A little complicity. Something shocking or funny…

These notes appear in your followers’ inbox. And they only stay there 24 hours.

But Instagram didn’t stop there. The platform now allows you to put your small text In music. You can add an extra personal touch.

And very recently, The videos It also appeared. Ephemeral videos…? 🤔 Wouldn’t it be a bit like a Story after all?
Certainly, Instagram Story and Notes share the same temporal nature. But the comparison ends there.
Because the goal of Instagram Notes is to focus on spontaneity and immediacy. you can only captures 2 seconds of video, front camera. Pre-recorded videos cannot be shared. a little air Be real So, right?

How to create notes on Instagram?

It’s usually very simple. You go to your email. To do this, tap the house at the bottom left. Then the plane up to the right.

There you go. Hopefully, you have your profile photo below the search bar, right above your direct messages. And maybe even notes from those you follow.

In this case, you just have to click on it.
In your messages, above your profile photo, notes are available

Compose your message. Choose good music. And, by tapping on the device, record a mini video.
Then select the visibility of your note. Your close friends or all your followers?

If you don’t have access to all of this, there is a problem. I found the problem on an Instagram account. The account’s profile photo wasn’t even in the message. And apparently I’m not the only one. By disabling and re-enabling some of the app’s privacy settings and waiting a bit, Notes appeared. But the method is very empirical. 😅
If you are having difficulties, please contact Instagram support.

Instagram Notes: Benefits and Strategies

Now that you know what it is and how to use it, the question is what it can do for you.

  • Greater visibility

Your message arrives directly to your followers’ inbox. No detour. Short and punchy, they can intrigue and capture attention. You get more visibility.

  • Community building

An emoji here, a little note there. These interactions, although brief, create strong bonds. Your community feels privileged and heard.

Make a call to action. Ask a question. Encourage response. Each note is an invitation to dialogue. You create the interactions and get more engagement.

At the level of the frequency, find the middle ground between too much and too little. You can choose to create Instagram notes regularly to get your audience used to these small dynamic messages. Or you can surprise them from time to time.

And tell yourself that even if the return isn’t huge, the effort is still low too. 60 characters…a 2 second face cam video…would really be worth a try!

Relevant use of Notes

To create these little notes, your best ally is spontaneity. Do you have an idea that might amuse or interest your community? Make a rating! Are you thinking about your followers but don’t have time to make a Story? A note from Instagram!
Forget (for once) about strategy. Be fresh and real.

If you still want ideas that could be profitable, here are some.

This is the easiest way to get a response. 😄
Obviously you can ask “What is your favorite product from our Y range?” But, except in very specific cases, I do not recommend it. The goal of these Notes is to create proximity with your audience. And precisely exit business strategy.
Instead, ask them for advice and recommendations. Show that you are approachable.

  • Talk about your news.

A priori, your followers know your news. More or less. Tell us your emotion your emotions related to this news rather than the news itself. For the super fans, it humanizes your content. The others, intrigued, might go and see what you’re talking about.

A very brief description in any case. Highlight moments in your day that show you experience the same things as others. A funny little phrase you hear in the supermarket. Your favorite book. Spilled coffee on your new shirt. Etc.
However, be careful not to overuse it. It’s not garbage. 😉

Instagram Notes are a great way to show off what you’re doing. Perfect for to increase interest. And your followers will feel like they’re the first to know.

You can also start challenges like “Who will take the most steps today?” 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️” or simply thank your audience for being there.

Your turn to try. Start, experiment and see for yourself the impact of these small messages. You have nothing to lose and perhaps you can gain great proximity with your audience.

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