AI tools for SEO: where are we at?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also known as natural referencing, has acquired capital importance in the digital field, a constantly evolving universe. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is entering the SEO scene, offering new opportunities and transforming the way businesses optimize their online presence. AI tools for SEO leverage the power of data analytics and machine learning to provide valuable insights into user behaviors, new trends, and SEO strategies. In this article, we’ll explore how these revolutionary tools are transforming the web and providing significant benefits to marketers.

The benefits of AI tools for SEO

In the dynamic and competitive world of online SEO, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest technologies. AI tools for SEO bring real benefits to growing your online presence to achieve your goals accurately and efficiently. Find out how AI can strengthen your SEO strategy and help you rank your site at the top of search results.

Automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Integrating AI tools for SEO offers a promising solution to automate redundant and time-consuming tasks. With these AI tools, SEO professionals can now optimize their time by automating tedious tasks. For example, keyword research, once manual and laborious, can be simplified through the use of machine learning algorithms. These AI tools efficiently analyze large volumes of data to identify relevant keywords. Likewise, they allow you to automate the creation of engaging meta-descriptions suitable for each page of the site. Automating these repetitive tasks frees up valuable time for SEO specialists, who can focus on more strategic aspects such as analyzing results, developing content strategies, and overall site optimization. AI tools for SEO give a real-time edge to SEO professionals so they can focus on higher-value tasks.

Concrete example of use of artificial intelligence

Let’s say you run a travel blog and want to optimize your content to attract more organic traffic. Here’s how you might use AI in this case:

➔ Identify keyword opportunities: You can use AI-powered tools like keyword generators to find relevant keywords that people are searching for.

➔ Analyze the competition: AI can determine which keywords are being used by other competing travel blogs by gaining insights into the keywords used by top competitors in search engine rankings.

➔ Optimize content: You can use AI-powered content optimization tools that analyze your text and give you specific recommendations to improve it, such as adding additional keywords, optimizing sentence structure, or even suggesting of captivating titles.

Best AI Tools for SEO in 2023

Surfing AI

Surfer is an AI tool specialized in content writing, offering a full suite of features. Through a single workflow, you can perform detailed research, quickly write optimized content in multiple languages, and get real-time metrics to improve your content. Among its features we find the possibility to choose the tone of voice, anti-AI detection to prevent the use of AI from being detected, as well as competitive analysis. Additionally, the tool easily integrates with platforms like Google Docs and WordPress. is an artificial intelligence tool that offers a solution for SEO and content creation. Generate content with artificial intelligence to make it easier to create content optimized for ranking on Google. Frase simplifies the content creation process thanks to generative artificial intelligence but also allows you to exploit the data collected on the SERP to fuel your content, in particular by analyzing your competitors.

IQ grade

RankIQ is a set of SEO tools designed specifically for bloggers and blogging businesses. Its main feature is to help you write blog posts using artificial intelligence. By analyzing the top 30 search results, the tool reveals Google’s favorite keywords in titles and also has a library of hand-picked keywords for each blog niche. It contains a content optimizer writing wizard that tells you what you need to add to your post to rank better.


Semrush also offers an AI-powered content writing tool. It allows you to instantly improve your text by identifying and rewriting the parts that need improvement. You can integrate the tool with Google Docs, MS Word and WordPress. It also allows you to spot and rewrite poorly readable passages, identify potentially plagiarized passages, and share free access with your editors. This AI-powered rewriting tool helps improve the reading experience of your users.


OutRanking has a user-friendly interface that allows teams to collaborate on the same item. It integrates seamlessly with content creation tools like WordPress and Google Drive. This tool helps you build an SEO content strategy by analyzing keyword performance, optimizing your internal link structure, and planning your content. It also provides automatic plagiarism correction of your content. You can work as a team, share tasks and roles and optimize the content creation process.


ChatGPT is not a tool designed for SEO but can be used in several ways to support your SEO efforts. It can generate content, suggest relevant keywords, help create meta tags, or even give you topic ideas. However, the contents generated by ChatGPT can serve as a basis for work but must not be published as such. Indeed, content produced by an artificial intelligence may contain patterns, i.e. redundant sentence structures or terms that allow Google to identify that the content was not generated by a human being.

The limits of AI tools for SEO in 2023

Today, SEO tools that use AI are very focused on content production and lack contextual and strategic information. It is essential to approach AI as a companion rather than as a production tool disconnected from the context and challenges of the project in which it is involved. AI must enable you to do more and better, not just more. The web will naturally choose between content that used AI for greater value and content that used it purely for productivity reasons.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence (AI) tools for SEO offer real benefits to businesses that use them. For the moment they are still very accessible for content production and must evolve to integrate greater contextual intelligence, but the value of these tools remains quite good. Their ability to automate repetitive tasks is an undeniable advantage for marketers. However, today it is still essential to integrate marketers who bring contextual and strategic understanding. To stay competitive we recommend you stay updated on developments in SEO and AI. Technologies related to artificial intelligence are evolving rapidly, it would not be surprising to see much more efficient tools arriving soon.

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