Heinz launches red paint inspired by the color of its ketchup

Heinz launches red paint inspired by the color of its ketchup

What better way to show your love for ketchup than by wearing it… on your walls?! This is the bold bet launched by Heinz in collaboration with Lick, a British brand specializing in interior decoration.

But before going into the details of this unusual collaboration, let’s take a small step back in time. Heinz, the iconic ketchup brand, isn’t its first marketing success. After launch an exclusive collaboration with Absolut Vodka and simplified fans’ lives with a double-cap bottle, the company returns to the spotlight with an even bolder idea.

The new shade, called Red HTK 57, is directly inspired by the brand’s iconic sauce. This shade, a deep red with a hint of black and yellow, evokes ketchup in all its glory. And this collaboration is not just a fantasy. Highlights the cultural impact and affection consumers have for Heinz ketchup. The color presents itself as an opportunity for enthusiasts to demonstrate their attachment in an original and tangible way.

However, it is important to highlight the exclusive sales strategy behind this initiative. By limiting sales to just 570 boxes on lick.com, Heinz and Lick are creating an aura of rarity around this product. It’s a proven marketing tactic to stimulate demand, because what’s rare is often desired.

This collaboration between Heinz and Lick illustrates the power of brand partnerships when two companies join forces to offer something innovative. It also shows how a food brand like Heinz can expand beyond its niche and touch new areas, in this case interior design.

For fans of design and ketchup, this is a great opportunity to combine two loves. And for others, it’s a reminder of ketchup’s undeniable impact in our daily lives and, now, on our walls!

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