How to do an SEO Audit

▷ How to do an SEO Audit

Do you know what an SEO audit is? What is it for? How and when to do it? How much does it cost? Who should do it? Are there tools or templates to do SEO audits? Discover everything to do a perfect SEO audit step by step

do seo audit

You can perform an SEO audit using the semrush tool and simply adding the domain name.

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🕵🏻‍♂️ What is an SEO audit

A SEO audit It is the analysis of a website with the aim of improving web positioning in Google.

You must focus on achieving certain objectives to give priority to some aspects or others.Mastering Facebook Marketing: Strategies, Agencies, and Services

Yes for example We have a penalty from Google, the priority should be to get out of the penalty by detecting the error and improving the current posts would not have priority.

Make your free SEO audit now:

💶 How much does an SEO audit cost?

An SEO agency or consultant usually charges between €300 and €1500 for carrying out a Web positioning audit.

As everything, he price It depends the situation in which the project is, the objectives set, the prestige of the agency or the consultant, the timing, the scope of the project.

👣 Steps: How to do an SEO audit

  1. Why do you want to carry out an SEO audit? Penalty, drop in visits, migration, design change, defining objectives, more professional, leads, clients… I always start with a SWOT to analyze the Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities of the project.
  2. Design overview to get an idea (WordPress, Blogger, responsive, home with call to action and h1, who created it, when, unique h1 on each page, https, use of social networks, social buttons…) Header, menu, content, foot.
  3. Use the command in google website: (to see the indexed pages, titles, descriptions) Then I review the and I see what hosting is used.
  4. Visits in Google analytics. DA and PA with MOZ. I analyze Google Search Console. Redirections of versions with and without www. I use the right click – view source code to review above.
  5. General link structure (Menu, footer, columns, dofollow… cookie notice and privacy policy as nofollow) As I explain in the Yoast SEO tutorial
  6. Usability: Fluid navigation, a lot of information or just enough, errors, popups, adequate pagination, are the menu texts understood?
  7. Post review. Length? h1, h2, h3? Internal links? Font type Is word analysis done with the Keyword planner? Type of posts suitable for sales, to attract, to get leads, to improve brand…? Publication frequency. SEO for Google Images and SEO for YouTube videos.
  8. Check if the template of WordPress is optimized for SEO and see 21 optimized templates to evaluate a change of template.
  9. Competitor analysis with a simple Google search for a few keywords. They are better?
  10. Use of a Onpage SEO audit tool where I obtain an SEO Authority score, basic SEO, content, usability, technical aspects and social networks (XIV, semrushstepsister, metric pointWoorank, Page Speed, Ranking Trainer…) and off-page SEO audit, that is, basically analyzing external links. See SEO tools.
  11. Once the analysis is done, I add a new project to Xovi to make a follow-up and see the evolution of visibility after applying the improvements.
  12. Actions to take priorities depending on the objectives and mark deadlines on a calendar (more content, change texts, change design, create podcast, YouTube, change link structure)
  13. Potential income after the audit. Expense analysis.

Those are the most important points What I take into account when carrying out an SEO audit.

You can make a free onpage SEO audit adding your domain to:

📖 Examples of quick SEO audits

I analyze Miguel Florido’s website:

I analyze the website

I analyze Claudio Inacio’s website:

As you have seen, there are points that can help you when it comes to improving the SEO and design of your website along with conversions.

🚨 11 things you should copy from my blog

With the change of design I think I have improved some aspects of my blog that can help you achieve better results on your blog or website.

🛠 SEO Audit Tool

You have already seen many important aspects of an SEO audit.

Using an SEO tool that offers the possibility of performing automatic SEO audits allows us will save thousands of hours of work.

You can access the XOVI SEO tool course with which you can perform automatic SEO audits.

🤔 How to hire an SEO auditor

The quickest option is through my online SEO consulting.

If you want someone to carry out the improvement actions for you, you must hire an SEO specialist or an SEO agency. Here are the ones I recommend.

🤩 Download Excel template with SEO audit points

I recommend you use this excel template In order to carry out a complete SEO audit and not skip any important point, you will need a minimum of SEO knowledge.

Has more than 120 checks organized by categories:

  • Indexing
  • In the page
  • Content
  • Links
  • Keywords
  • Analytics
  • WordPress Optimization

Additionally, this template includes comments and instructions To achieve best results:

👌🏼 Actions of an SEO audit

One of the actions that must be applied after carrying out an SEO audit is improve the speed of the website/blog/online store.

For this it is recommended to use a hidden plugin as Fastest WP Cache and also use these “21 tricks to have an ultra-fast WordPress website“.

Now make a plan on the calendar managing your time with these templates and start carrying out your own SEO audit.

They will help you my books and the Excel template to perform an SEO audit:

I want to know your opinion!

Have you performed any SEO audit? What did you think of these steps? Have you noticed the improvement after carrying out the SEO audit and after starting to apply the changes? Do you need an SEO audit?

Tell me in the comments!

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