How to make viral videos on social networks? 8 keys with examples

How to make viral videos on social networks?  8 keys with examples
How to make viral videos

Make viral videos on social networks like TikTok or Instagram It may seem like a formidable challenge.

However, with the right strategy and a creative approach, it is possible to capture the attention of the public and unleash a wave of millions of visits in a short time.

Below we will see some keys and strategies that will help you get many views on social networks, especially for short videos like those on TikTok or Instagram Reels.

Talk about interesting topics for the general public

Topics of general interest are those with which a large part of the audience can identify or who are on the cusp of current trends.

To achieve this, it is crucial to stay up to date with what is happening in the world, whether it is current events, fashion trends, popular music, or memes that everyone knows.

But not only current events are included here: also curiosities in general, humor, scary stories… and that could interest anyone.


RA – QUEL Are all teachers like this? 😂 #stand #live comedy #pedagogy #monologues #monologue

♬ original sound – Galder Varas

The key here is to know that The more niche or technical your video is, the less likely it will be to go viral.since it will interest a very small number of people, making it difficult for it to go viral.

Entertains or teaches, but always with a curious approach

The videos that surprise the audience with interesting facts, life hacks, or that challenge what is generally thought about a topicThey have a great ability to hold viewers’ attention and encourage sharing.

When educating, the goal is to leave viewers with a feeling of amazement or the satisfaction of having learned something newwhich often leads to comments and discussions within the community.


Every weekend in January and February, we will do intensive courses, before the video questions begin, we have to pass #driver’s license🚗 #driver’s license🚘💨 #driving school

♬ original sound – Almagro Driving School

You may find it helpful to use analogies, visual demonstrations, and engaging narrative to explain complex concepts in a simple way.

The important thing here is cause the so-called “wow” effect: when you teach them a piece of information, they say “wow, I didn’t expect this!”, or “wow, I didn’t know this, I’m going to tell my friends!”

Again, we insist that the less technical the topic is and the more it interests the general public, the more likely it is to go viral.

Offer an irresistible hook or promise at the beginning

The first seconds of your video are critical on TikTok, Reels or others: they will determine whether viewers stay or leave.

A striking beginning that promises something irresistible can make the difference between a video that moves or one that goes viral, and TikTok and Instagram value positively that they watch your video until the end.

This can be achieved by:

  • The presentation of a provocative questionlike “Did you know that humans are not the most intelligent species on the planet?”
  • Making a preview of an amazing result and that they will discover at the end of the video, how to show the result of a magic trick that you will explain during the video.
  • Or starting with a shocking statementlike “Dolphins aren’t as pretty as you imagined. And they have a very dark side.”

How to make a coin disappear #Magic

♬ original sound – ekatmagic

The goal is to quickly arouse curiosity and provoke that the viewer needs to watch the video until the end to resolve that curiosity.


WHY are there QUEUES at AMUSEMENT PARKS? 🎢 #disney #disneyland #attractions #theme park #learncontiktok

♬ original sound – Xataka

In addition to this, remember that the promise made at the beginning must be fulfilled throughout the video to maintain credibility and build trust with your audience.

This is useful both for short videos and for those who want to know how to be a youtubersince in this case the Google platform rewards this type of actions equally.

Encourage them to watch your videos more than once

Just as it is important for TikTok and Reels that they watch your video from beginning to end, it is also positive that play your video more than once.

This can be achieved if your video explains things of high interest and they need to watch it again, or if A shocking or groundbreaking event happens during the videothat they want to see again.

Although it may seem like unimportant nonsense, unexpected events happen will make viewers replay that part of the content:

  • A person falls in the backgroundand they want to see it again because they still don’t believe it.
  • You get stuck and what you say is not understoodso they try to listen to it again.
  • You do a dance or trick they want to learn and they have to see it several times.
  • You tell such a funny jokewho can’t stop listening to it.

Fail #always #dance #fypshi

♬ shape of you – Galuh

Anything that makes a person replay a part of the video, or the entire video, will be very positive for your video to go viral on TikTok, Instagram and other networks.

Make video series to encourage consumption

On TikTok or Instagram, playback loops refer to the practice of guide viewers through a series of your videosincreasing the time they spend on your profile.

This can be done by creating series of videos or including cliffhangers that entice viewers to look for the next part of the story.

Normally these videos include a text of “Continued in part 2“, so that they are forced to visit your profile until they find the next part.


Things just kept getting worse and worse… 😳@RitzyBath #fyp #experiment

♬ Grammar – BLVKSHP

This method can significantly increase views and audience retention as users feel compelled to continue consuming your content, although overusing them could also be overwhelming and stressful for your audience.

Add calls to action for interaction

It has been demonstrated according to observations and own experimentation that TikTok and other networks value positively Get viewers to interact with your video performing any of the actions that usually show:

  • Keep
  • Share
  • Comment
  • Give a like”

For this reason, many videos include texts such as:

  • “Save this video so you don’t forget these tricks”
  • “Share this video with the friend you would like to go to this desert island with”
  • “The first person who appears on the share button owes you dinner”

Share and follow me #TikTok #fyp #fyp

♬ I love you so much – The King Khan and the BBQ Show

But even more organic and less forced events can happen:

  • If your video is educationalYou could ask viewers to comment with their own experiences or knowledge on the topic.
  • Or if it’s a humorous videoYou could invite the audience to tag a friend who can relate to a joke.

As you can see, the idea is to encourage the audience to perform some interactive action so that TikTok or Instagram detects that they have connected with the video.

Includes subtitles for those who do not hear it

Short video content is often consumed on noisy environments or in situations where we cannot put sound (in a library, at night while others are sleeping…).

For this reason, it is very useful add subtitles to your videos so they can understand its content without having to listen to it.

Are neodymium magnets dangerous?

♬ original sound – RAM 🎬 – RAM 🎬

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to use video editing tools like capcutand it has an option to automatically add subtitles completely free of charge.

Perform dynamic video editing

Editing is essential to capture and maintain viewers’ attention on TikTok or Instagram. This is especially important on TikTok, where attention span is limited and competition for attention is fierce.

Use quick cuts, sound effects, smooth transitions and visual effects to make the video not monotonous.

Awaken some emotion, whatever it may be

Finally, Content that evokes a strong emotional response is more likely to go viral in social networks.

Emotions drive action; yes you can make viewers feel somethingWhether it’s laughter, surprise, nostalgia or joy, they are more likely to interact with your video and share it with others.

Pure nostalgia in this video🦋☔️#fypshi #for you

♬ original sound – CloobaMusic

Telling an emotional story, sharing personal experiences, or simply being authentic and vulnerable can also help create that emotional connection with your audience.


😂 #anecdote #maternity #storytime #children #lachicabona

♬ Zorbas the Greek – Paraskévas GREKIS

For this reason, sometimes some videos that we consider nonsense go viral.: because, although they do not have an edition or script, they have made us laugh, they have scared us, they have given us joy… and if they awaken this very strong emotion, we will share it.

Now is the time to put these tips into practice and watch your videos come to life and reach millions of people. What would you say are the most effective strategies?

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