Creativity, more aggressive and with technology to generate ROI

Creativity, more aggressive and with technology to generate ROI

Original, credible, fantastic and that connects the audience and the brand at the deepest level. From there, the so-called creatives (or advertising experiences) explore year after year how to find genuine content that links their audience: focused on brand collaborating with influencers, reinforcing the tell stories…anything is useful if it helps the organic content work and the investment has returned enough. Improving the client’s psychological analysis and ‘objectifying’ the investment will mark part of what is to come.AIO: The future of SEO positioning for artificial intelligence

The director of Puro Marketing, Santiago Hernandezserved as pilot of the table Digital creativity as a sales tool on the last day of the congress HIP (Hospitality International Planet) Horeca Professional Expo 2024 (February 19 – 21). A space in which brands and agencies presented their vision of creativity; in the brand, the product, communication, operation… practically any segment of the chain is susceptible to generating content, if it is managed well.

For Pablo Lago (agency general director best image) the key to all creativity is “understanding the psychology of people.” His firm tries to break ground with a new service in the area of influencer marketing: organic experiences in different spaces and brands with guest personalities, so that attendees come and want to share.Massive program on social networks with Metricool

“You have to look for what the market is asking for, even if it is not your sector”; comments Lago. Creativity must start from how it affects others, as a “stimulus”, to take advantage of the showcase of the networks, he explains. “Let it surprise you, that’s the key.” Something more difficult to achieve in a sector as saturated as that of hamburgers, as in the case of delight. Raimon Recorderco-founder of this Catalan chain of
burgers “author’s” and “neighborhood”, explained how they have emerged from the classic concept of hamburger American to differentiate itself.

“”We try to differentiate ourselves by changing the classic strident and dark colors for something minimalist and familiar, with white colors, sky blue…” Then they extrapolate everything to communication, where they try to go beyond the product and connect with the “young audience.” through sport, culture, music… “We look for more organic content than what you find on any social network.”

It can also work (at least it has done so in Cucumber Cake) making “homemade” and artisanal communication, like the product. Your manager, Lara Guerrero (CEO of Laguter Grows) focused on that: creativity in their homemade cakes with home delivery (coffee cake with burnt rum, chocolate with churros, horchata with fartons, buñuelo cake…). That and his motto “Zero investment in marketing and full creativity” in times of need. Now, how do you build solid storytelling?

Technique and transparency

The reliability of the brand’s discourse rests, for Lago, on the differentiating features of each client. That’s what the company needs to know. Afterwards, the campaigns can be “done by anyone”, but knowing how to “turn the product around” so that the customer can continue associating it with the brand. This association must be present at all times, especially in the face of the delivery challenge: that the customer receives the same thing that he sees. “It is the key point. All communication makes no sense if the product is not at the same level,” Guerrero said.

Testing the product with the team and transmitting it, telling what you like and also “what we like a little less”, provide something fundamental: trust. “If you are not transparent in your communication, the client catches on quickly,” he asserted. Therefore, you have to show your face at all times, but also function in what cannot be seen, logistics and operations. Because “marketing is the beauty,” commented Recoder, but without excellent operations it makes no sense (especially if you are dedicated to sending hamburgers).

Creativity, more aggressive and with technology to generate ROI

What is clear is that technology and creativity “go hand in hand”, and whoever knows how to take advantage of it will have a good bite of the media ‘pie’. In the case of Best Imagen they do not have a reference, but they do have tools that less wealthy brands do not, and that allow them to “objectify” creativity. Kol Square It is expensive (20,000 euros per year, he said), but it allows Lago to really know “where the audiences come from, what their tastes are, their affinities…”. And based on this, develop “a recurring cycle of that type of people.”

According to Lago, this directly affects the return of investmentsince with these and other tools you can “not only give you the audience”, but even “the number of views” of a published content. This way you can compare that return with that of a campaign for the same audience but in a format paid media. “Since you don’t have the final sales metrics, what you can do is: this has impacted this number of people; what would it have cost me doing exactly the same thing and paying x?” He argues.

That and also add that component of trust, of credibility. For them Key opinion leader are working in creatives with influencers (especially in food lovers): people who, although they do not have many followers, provide that intangible value. “The numbers are not 100%, it is more information to make better decisions.”

Creativity: credibility

This extra value is one of the elements that Lago perceives as a trend in gastro marketing. We will have to be on networks, as always, but we have to measure which content is worth paying for and which perhaps deserves a twist. In this medium, Guerrero honors his last name, since Pepina Pastel has positioned itself as one of the references in pastry communication on Instagram.

Only in this way have they reached 8,000 cakes per month, he acknowledges. “Without networks and communication it would have been impossible. But you have to work on them daily, “because just as they make you grow, they can make you lose. A bad review, if not managed well, can send your business into the ground…,” Guerrero defends. Both a more homemade communication idea and an outsourcing to “break out of the norm” and “know how to exploit these channels” (like TikTok) are useful. And you must go beyond the product, said Recoder: “we have seen ROI in it.” week”.

In your burger reality, this will translate into applying internal CRM to connect faster with the customer; “Even to resolve incidents through AI,” she pointed out. And it will also imply “more aggressive creativity: it will require more brainpower in a sector with more and more brands, and you must be more effective with fewer and fewer resources,” he asserted.

As always, it must seem credible, palpable. And that is the future (and challenge) that Lago perceives: “Make people believe that this type of service is possible: that Carlos Alcaraz, Paula Echevarría or Dulceida can come to your experience for free. Being able to tell them ‘look, you don’t have to be spending this.’” As he believes, there is a place for ever-growing organic content (collaborations).

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