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What are the Google sitelinks ? Can you change them manually? How to manage your ad? How are they generated? In this article, we summarize everything you need to know about these links that typically appear below a website’s home page when you search for ‘brands’.

Block sitelinks google

Sitelinks on Google: What is SEO?

THE Liens sitelink are a set of internal links from the same domain grouped under a web search result (usually the website’s home page) when a search is made for a term associated with the brand or page of a website’s home page.

Block sitelinks SEO
Examples of sitelinks appearing under the leptidigital.fr domain

Most often, these links appear in the number 4 when an internet user searches for a brand on Google.

How are Google sitelinks generated?

These internal links that appear under the main site URL are automatically generated by Google by analyzing the link structure of your website in order to create links to indexable internal pages for Internet users.

Google’s goal is therefore to offer Internet users simplified and quick access to the main pages of your website.

In order for a page to be displayed as a sitelink, it must therefore be indexable and crawlable by the search engine (GoogleBot).

However, Google does not systematically display sitelinks under the homepage of a website.it does so only when it deems it relevant and useful.

For example, with newer domain names, it’s not uncommon for a brand or domain name search to return no sidelinks for the first few months of the site’s existence (and this is all perfectly normal, don’t be alarmed).

How do I manage the sitelinks that show up under your domain name?

It is not possible to manually manage the display of links that appear under a search result or under a website’s home page, but it is possible to send signals to Google for help with selection.

So, the more an indexable internal page has a significant number of internal links (from the menu, footer, the other pages of the site, etc.), the more likely it is that the latter will be found in the sitelinks in the list of links displayed by Google.

Google also recommends optimizing the page titles and internal link anchors of the indexed web pages to optimize their overview if they are selected as a sitelink by the algorithm.

How do I remove one or more sitelinks from Google search results?

While before 2017 it was possible to manually manage the display of sitelinks going back to Google from Search Console, It is no longer possible to manually manage their display.

Pour Completely remove a sitelink and at all costs prevent it from showing up in the relevant sections on Google, the only effective way so far is to add the following meta-robots-noindex tag to add to the relevant page:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Be careful though, as using this tag will completely deindex the page from Google and also prevent it from receiving SEO traffic. ! It is therefore generally not recommended to use this technique unless you really know what you are doing!

However, as we have already seen, it is still possible to influence Google to optimize the likelihood of showing one page in place of another using the internal linking technique presented above.

Frequently asked questions about Google sitelinks

How do I remove the search box that appears below the home page above the sitelinks?

On some websites, an “internal” search engine allows internet users to search all indexed pages of the website from Google.

If you don’t want to see this feature on your website, you can use the following meta tag in the Add to your site:

<meta name="google" content="nositelinkssearchbox">

Google Ads Sitelinks vs SEO Sitelinks: What’s the Difference?

Through Google Ads, each advertiser can manually manage link ad extensions, which appear as sitelinks under the advertiser’s main ad.

As we saw in this article, sitelinks in organic search results cannot be managed manually.

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