Is IPTV, linear TV's great rival, still resonating with brands and viewers?

Kantarwhich needs no further introduction, reveals the industries and advertisers represented at the Repetition IPTV in 2022 through the annual results of its advertising clock, unified on the declarations of 5 major market agencies and in collaboration with the SNPTV. Key numbers for 2022 to remember: Linear TV’s major competitor has already attracted 2,071 advertisers, d similar to digital audio.

23% of advertisers are present on Replay IPTV not communicated in linear TV, i.e. more than 1/5 of the annual portfolio. This is the case, for example, of Air France, which in 2022 is not active in linear television but in the digital sector, having invested in Replay in particular IPTV. Telecom, 7th sector in linear TV, has invested the most in Replay IPTV 2022, followed by tourism-gastronomy and culture & leisure
Ranked 6th and 10th respectively on linear television. Finally the top 5 advertisers in Replay IPTVconsists Mercedes Benz, Airbnb, Apple, Procter & Gamble etc E. Leclercillustrates the attractiveness of this lever for large players from very different industries.

commenting on the results, Marianne le Vavasseur, Digital Director from Kantar mediasays: With this new Replay IPTV advertising clock, Kantar Media sheds valuable light on the market, both on the type of advertisers present in this media context and on the sectors seizing these new communication opportunities. ».

Isabelle Vignon, General Delegate / Marketing of SNPTVadds: IPTV is a complementary communication lever to linear television. Being able to measure investments allows the market to optimize the allocation of video budgets with complete transparency ».

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