What is web hosting and what types exist?

What is web hosting and what types exist?

Web hosting is an essential service for any site or application to exist on the Internet.

In this article we will explain it What is hosting, what types of hosting exist and how to choose the right one for your project

What is web hosting?

A hosting or web hosting is the rent physical space on a server to store files that form a site or web application.

That is, hosting is a service in which a company offers the technology and space to host the files and data that make up a web page.

Hosting is an essential resource for the existence of a website on the Internet.

Furthermore, it is important to choose the right hosting, as it is one of the main factors responsible for the loading speed of a web page.

How does web hosting work?

The functioning of a hosting is a set of technical processes that allow a web page to be available on line.

To publish a page you must have a space to store the data and files that make up your site such as: code, images, text, etc.

This space consists of servers, computers designed to host websites and applications that are available 24 hours a day.

When a user or bot accesses your site, they send a request to the server and it provides the files needed to respond to the requested request.

Types of web hosting

Among the different hosting that you will find on the market, we highlight 4 main types of accommodation:

Shared hosting

Shared web hosting is a type of service where share the rental of hosting space with other sites.

In this case multiple websites share the same server and its resources.

This option is the most common for small or medium sized sites and is cheap, while it will give you less control over the server.

A problem or excess traffic on one of your other sites can impact the performance of your page.

VPS hosting

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is similar to shared hosting, but where you have an allocated space for your site.

That is, in a VPS you share a server with other sites, but you have a space dedicated to your website and a guaranteed amount of resources.

This option allows for more control than shared hosting, as you will have a portion of the resources guaranteed.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting or cloud hosting is a service hosting that hosts your website on multiple servers interconnected to each other.

This offers the security that if a problem occurs on one of them, you will always have other servers assisting your site.

Dedicated server

A dedicated hosting service, as the name suggests, is a dedicated service exclusively for your site.

This option will give you absolute control of the server and its resources, but also at a much higher cost.


In addition to the 4 main types of hosting, you can find other types or adaptations of the main types of hosting.

These will generally have more customized features and in each of the hosting service companies you will find different types of service.

Highlighting a few:

SEO Hosting

SEO web hosting is a service that enables host different websites within the same hosting, assigning them a different IP address to each of them.

This type of hosting is commonly suited to SEO professionals who work with niches and want to create several within the same hosting.

When creating multiple niches and connecting to each other, having a different IP is important to avoid being considered a penalized practice by Google.

Elastic hosting

An elastic hosting service is a intermediate solution between shared hosting and vps.

It is a type of hosting that allows you to expand resources when necessary.

The goal of this model is to offer a service where hosting grows at the pace of your project.

Specific hosting

Many hosting companies offer specific plans for different platforms such as WordPress or Woocommerce.

Basically, that’s a hosting plan offers personalized recommendations to install WordPress or another platform with ease.

How to choose the best hosting for your website?

Choosing a hosting provider is important, as its quality will affect the performance of your page.

Some Considerations for choosing the right hosting son:

Hosting type

type of accommodation

Employee the type of accommodation you need or think is best for you to chooseyou can choose from a number of companies that can help you.

For example, if you want to host multiple sites under the same hosting with different IP assignment.

You will need an SEO hosting service, so you will need to filter out companies that offer this type of hosting.

Technical support

technical support

Make sure the hosting company offers a optimal technical support service.

That is, 24-hour technical support via chat, call or email can provide quick response.


In case your website grows and requires more resources, hosting is important allow this scalability of your hosting plan or type.

If your website grows in size and visits, you may need to choose a more advanced type of hosting.

Therefore, it is important to have a hosting company that can meet your needs when the time comes.

Easy to use

It is important that a hosting offer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Each hosting offers a different navigation panel, it is advisable to choose one that is considered simple.

Furthermore, you can evaluate sites that offer tutorials on its use, this way you will have resources to turn to if necessary.


Choose a hosting that uses a fast server.

Also, Consider where your hosting data center is located.

Hosting services locate their data centers in different locations.

The closer the server location is to the location of the user visiting your site, the faster your page will load.

Therefore, check where your traffic comes from and where your server is located.

server locations

If your website is multilingual, opt for a hosting service that integrates well with a CDN.


Perhaps, the opinions of users who have experienced using hosting are the best criteria for evaluating which accommodation to choose.

Investigate and analyze what opinions users show from different hosting companies.

For example, Trustpilot is a place to find options from different companies.

opinion hosting

Search for some of the hosting you have in mind and compare the reviews.


Make sure the service has the features suited to your needs.

Some of the relevant aspects to mention are:


examples of hosting prices

Although the price is not the most important thing when choosing a hosting.

After evaluating the rest of the aspects and selecting the hosting options that suit your needs, compare the price.

Email accounts

If you need it use an email with your domain accountcheck that this service is included in your hosting plan.

SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an important security certificate to maintain security on any website.

Furthermore, an SSL certificate is important for ranking, as Google takes into account the security of your pages.

Check it The hosting you choose includes the SSL certificate Without additional costs.


Every website must have regular backups to be able to restore the site if necessary.

For this reason, Choose a hosting plan that provides backup copies scheduled.


Web hosting is renting a server or space within a server where you can store your page files and data.

With the information in this article, you will have been able to know the main types of hosting and how to choose the right hosting.

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