What is this agreement governing the use of AI (jointly with Meta and Microsoft)?

The “Partnership on AI” (PAI) agreement is causing a stir in the technology sector. In fact, Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft recently joined this initiative, attracting the interest of many industry players. This agreement is of paramount importance as it aims to regulate the use of generative artificial intelligence worldwide. Read this article to learn more about it.

Artificial intelligence

Partnership on AI: What is it?

The Partnership on AI, literally “Partnership on AI”, is an international cooperation initiative with the goal promote the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence.

Founded in 2016, this partnership brings together the key players in the technology industry (companies, non-profit organizations and academic institutions) with the aim of sharing knowledge, defining standards and developing guidelines. Together in the AI.

The main goal of the partnership for AI is this Promoting the research, development and application of AI in a socially beneficial and ethical way. Its members are therefore committed to open and transparent collaboration in tackling complex AI-related challenges such as (amongst others):

  • data privacy
  • Algorithmic Accountability
  • diversity and inclusion
  • Social and Economic Impact

Who is part of the PAI?

Its members include PAI a wide range of leading organizationsincluding technology companies, research institutes, non-profit organizations and think tanks.

Here are some of the most prominent members of PAI:

  1. Industry giants like Google, Apple, Amazon are part of the IAP. These companies play a critical role in the design, development and application of AI.
  2. Organizations dedicated to research and analysis of AI and the social impact of this technology also participate in the IAP. Among them are actors like OpenAI, Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch, la Wikimedia Foundation etc l’ACLU (American Civil Rights Union).
  3. Renowned academic institutions and research centers are also members of the PAI. We can quote Stanford University, Cambridge University, Max Planck Institute for Artificial Intelligence, University of Montreal
  4. Some influential think tanks focused on AI policy, ethics and regulation are members of the IAP. Among them are the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard UniversityThe Center for Artificial Intelligence Governance (CGAI) et l’ Institute Alan Turing.

These members work together to promote collaboration, transparency, and open dialogue with the goal of tackling complex AI challenges and developing responsible AI practices.


Meta and Microsoft membership, what should we consider?

By joining this initiative, Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft Significantly increase the reach and influence of the partnership. Their membership demonstrates their commitment to the responsible use of AI and demonstrates their desire to help create a more ethical and balanced technology ecosystem.

The entry of Meta and Microsoft into the PAI also makes this possibleexpand the diversity of perspectives and expertise as part of this initiative. These two companies bring their experience, resources and influence to advance ethical standards, best practices and advanced research in AI.

Your Participation also increases the credibility and impact of the IPA as a key player in the regulation and responsible use of AI worldwide.

Focus south target

meta news

Meta’s joining the PAI demonstrates the company’s commitment to the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Meta is a major player in the information and communication technologies field and its participation strengthens the weight and influence of the PAI.

By joining this alliance Meta demonstrates its commitment to accountability and transparency in the development and use of AI.

Focus on Microsoft

As one of the leaders in the technology industry, Microsoft is making an important contribution in the field of AI. Membership in the IAP underscores its commitment to shaping an ethical and responsible AI future.

Microsoft is known for its AI governance initiatives. Data protection and ethics in the use of new technologies. His presence in the PAI strengthens collaboration between technology companies and other members of the alliance.

Microsoft and AI

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