Pride campaigns do not impact brand image

About two-thirds of consumers say the campaigns created in the heat of Pride don’t impact the liking brands inspire in them.

In June, the month of Pride, many brands tend to give their logos a twist, coloring them rainbow colors or launching campaigns that deliberately wink at the LGBTI community. However, the truth is like this Such actions have little or no impact on brand perception by the consumer. At least that’s the conclusion of a recent study by the Pilot agency in Germany.

Around two-thirds of the consumers surveyed in the report affirm this Born in the heat of Pride, the campaigns have not affected the sympathy the brands behind them evoke in them or they simply do not pay much attention to such communication measures.

For the remaining third of consumers, however, there are more than apparent differences between men and women (those who are more or less influenced by the Pride campaigns). While women tend to favor brands that run Pride campaigns (21%), men tend to have the opposite effect. 23% of men say Pride campaigns make them less sympathetic to the advertisers behind them.

Pride campaigns can ultimately fuel consumer dislike

In his study, Pilot Radar also examines the factors that are most relevant to the acceptance and relevance of advertising in general by consumers. And the truth is that Social cohesion and brands’ general attitudes towards social and environmental issues are at the bottom of the list.

In the eyes of the consumer The most important thing is that the ads do not interfere and interrupt and promote really relevant products.. The transmission of positive emotions and creativity in design are also values ​​that are particularly valued by consumers in advertising.

“In practice Creativity means generating relevant messages So that the product is not only advertised, but also conveys positive emotions to the consumer through new perspectives,” explains Daniel Daimler, Head of Market Research at Pilot Radar.

The purpose, especially in the context of Pride month, can also play an important role in advertising. if it is implemented credibly and really fits the brand. Otherwise, you can scare off the consumer or, at best, leave him in the sea of ​​indifference.

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