Wendy Guevara appears on the screens of Times Square

There are various places in the world where advertising can become an icon for various industries, one such place is Times Square, New York City, United States. Now, recent Mexican star Wendy Guevara, winner of La Casa de los Famosos, has surprised by appearing on the screens of the iconic Times Square.

Talking about advertising in the world means thinking about some iconic places where billboards are the center of attention. For example, Times Square in New York, where the big screen of the Nasdaq has become the most precious place where brands and companies can promote themselves.

This is because, according to the same company, more than 41 million people visit this site every year.

Similarly, the Nasdaq points out that the screen, being an advertising tool, does not have a specific price range cost, however a promotion cost is estimated at around 1,500 dollars (30,000 Mexican pesos) per minute.

Wendy Guevara in Times Square

In recent weeks, Mexican entertainment has gained a new star, and it is with the crowned member of La Casa de los Famosos, Wendy Guevara, that it has not only grown in the digital world, but also with brands and sponsorships.

Now that fame has extended to other countries, where the member of “Las Perdidas” recently shared on her social networks a video of the screens of Times Square in New York, in the United States, where her face and an iconic phrase of the winner.

Everything was revealed through her Instagram account, where Wendy Guevara shared the video in which the famous member of “Team Infierno” is seen decorating one of the screens of the famous intersection of the American road.

You can see that in the image displayed on the largest screen in the streets of New York you see a photo of the influencer and the hashtag #WendyGanadora #TeamWendy and the phrase “they won’t ruin my plans” .

“I have no words for people doing this kind of thing, I am extremely grateful,” Wendy wrote in the post on the social network.

Using this specific place to position a brand or personality is very important to everything around it.

And so, brands like Duolingo have also developed campaigns on this site. Or even the viral case of a man who shared on TikTok that he paid to appear eating bread on the giant screen in Times Square in New York, USA.

The impact of advertising can be seen in people, especially in this case when internet users spread it on social networks, leaving comments and interactions that show the influencer’s good positioning.

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