Threads launches its web version

Threads launches its web version

It seemed that it would never arrive and that the “down” of the social network I’d end up squandering all the news but I’m already here, Threads launches its web version to continue to compete with Elon Musk’s X/Twitter. A news that many users of the social network have welcomed its arrival and which is expected to be a rebound of lost popularity.

This was confirmed by the managing director of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, in an interview with the American newspaper of economics and finance, The Wall Street Journal. The desktop version, expected in the coming weeks, was one of the most frequent requests from users, as it limited the smartphone version in some functions. Furthermore Threads launches the web version is a shot on the table with which to try to recover lost ground and a warning for the rest of the applicationsas well as Twitter and X.

Some statements that add to those of Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, who claimed to be “I’m working on it, using the first version internally”. However, he also had the task of supervising this before bringing it to light and making it available to all users “you have to work at it”. Another of the features that Threads intends to launch is to expand the search options, previously limited to usernames only and which could now open up new avenues, such as searching for posts.

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Since the launch of Threads, the road to the social network has been a roller coaster for Meta. From an absolutely lightning start, where in just one week they got 100 million registrationsto a decline in active users of the application.

Over the weeks Meta has been working to expand the features for users, trying to improve these numbers. Now, it is expected that the inclusion of the web platform for Threads will cause an increase in the number of active users how to improve the reputation of the social network.

There are currently no images or media on what the desktop version will look like. Yes, we can imagine that It will have the main social network functions: follow other users, create content in posts, repost and interact. There’s still time to see how Threads launches its web version and to see how Threads users react, although we can hope they’ll welcome this desktop version with open arms.

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