Tribune Dimanche launched this weekend with a campaign orchestrated by Havas Media

The Tribune Dimanche, whose first issue comes out this weekend, will be dedicated half to major current issues (politics, climate, international, etc.) and half to culture and trends, with well-known names such as Anna Cabana or Philippe Vandel.

“We will not create a seventh-day newspaper, but a first-day newspaper, which will make readers look forward and not to the past week”, indicates Jean-Christophe Tortora, president of La Tribune.

Sold at 2.40 euros per issue, La Tribune Dimanche will be available in paper and digital versions and will be the Sunday and general version of La Tribune. The newspaper will be available on all digital kiosks (Cafeyn, ePresse, PassPresse) and on the renewed La Tribune application.

For the launch of La Tribune Dimanche, subscription offers are 9 euros per month or 99 euros per year in all digital (La Tribune and La Tribune Dimanche), 99 euros per year for paper-only La Tribune Dimanche, or 149 euros per year in full digital format with the addition of the La Tribune Dimanche paper.

About fifteen hirings

Fifteen journalists have been added to the 40 national and local editorial offices of La Tribune, based in the province.

Tribune Dimanche is directed by a political journalist well known to the general public, Bruno Jeudy, former JDD and Paris Match.

The editor-in-chief is Soazig Quéméner (formerly Marianne). Other arrivals, the great reporters Ludovic Vigogne (politics, ex L’Opinion), Nicolas Prissette (pages of ideas and opinions) or Anna Cabana (pages of books).

The Tribune Dimanche also recruited JDD signatures, Marie-Pierre Gröndhal (senior ecologist reporter), Charlotte Langrand (cultural reporter) and François Clémenceau (international columnist).

For this occasion, La Tribune launches a poster and radio communication campaign, conceived and orchestrated by the Havas group.

(With AFP)

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