Trends in social networks 2024: Emplifi

Trends in social networks 2024: Emplifi
These experts reveal what’s coming in social media for 2024
In the last year, the social media marketing industry has seen ChatGPT and other generative AI tools burst onto the scene, offering new options to advertisers. We witnessed the transition from Twitter to

In light of so many changes in the social media landscape, it is important to analyze current trends and determine which marketing tactics will have the greatest impact on brand business objectives in 2024.

We may not be able to predict the next big thing on social media, but we can take what we’ve learned over the past year and apply those findings to current social media marketing strategies.

In accordance with Emplifiglobal platform for Engagement with the clientThese are the 6 main Trends in social networks 2024, based on the information obtained after analyzing millions of data from thousands of brands around the world.

Social media trends 2024

1. Shopping on social networks will become a crucial element in online commerce strategies, as brands seek to accelerate the journey of the customer, from product discovery to purchase.

Today’s consumers use social networks not only to discover and learn about products, but also to make purchases. For brands that want to earn more revenue through their social channels, social shopping offers consumers a seamless experience.

The key to a successful social shopping strategy lies in impactful marketing content – such as ratings, reviews and user-generated content (UGC) – along with an intuitive and effortless in-app shopping experience that minimizes friction. With nearly 90% of consumers saying that ratings and reviews greatly influence their purchasing decisions, integrating authentic content from real product reviews within the same social media post can significantly boost a company’s social commerce initiatives. brand.

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2. Brands will integrate messaging apps and chatbots into their customer support strategies, providing efficient 24/7 communication channels at scale.

Email inboxes are increasingly difficult to manage, making email an ineffective channel for marketers and customer service teams. Instead, many consumers head to a brand’s social media profile to ask questions about a product or submit a customer inquiry. In fact, more than 50% of customers expect responses in less than an hour when they ask a question on a branded digital channel such as Instagram or WhatsApp.

Social media trends 2024

As consumer expectations continue to rise, marketers and customer service teams will look to expand the use of messaging apps, AI-powered chatbots, and other SMS channels for a variety of customer communication efforts, from provide discount offers and product updates, to answer any type of query.

3. Customer support teams will increase the use of social media to address customer queries and concerns.

As the number of consumers reaching out via social media to ask questions and queries about services and products increases, customer support teams will adapt by turning to social media marketing platforms to connect with customers on their channels. preferred.

Forward-thinking customer service professionals are already using social media to refine their support strategies and drive productivity across the organization. For example, one of the top brands in the fresh pet food category was able to reduce customer call volume by up to 40% and decrease wait times by almost 30% after integrating social media channels. in their customer service strategies.

4. Brands will prioritize video marketing strategies and include short and long formats that offer higher engagement rates. commitment.

Video platforms like Reels and TikTok continue to grow in popularity: this year, Instagram Reels outperformed all other content types in the app, generating 55% more interactions than single image posts.

In addition, the growth of TikTok users skyrocketed, and brands reached a five-fold increase in the number of followers. To live up to consumer expectations, brands are integrating more long-form videos into their content strategy. Many brands are already gaining followers with videos that last between 26 and 90 seconds. By experimenting with different video lengths, formats, and platforms, brands can gain valuable insights into the types of content that resonate with their target audience and fuel their marketing strategy accordingly.

5. Social intelligence will become an essential tool for collecting detailed information about consumers.

Consumer privacy remains a top concern for brands as marketers explore new methods to track changes in consumer behavior and better understand their customers. Industry reports show that 78% of marketers consider investing in technology to gain customer insights a critical or high priority, while another 45% identify brand health as a key metric for market success. marketing.

Social listening tools that provide sentiment analysis, as well as the ability to track impressions, mentions, and social interactions, give marketers a 360° view of their customers. Insights derived from social listening tools not only drive a brand’s marketing and customer support strategies, but can greatly advance and strengthen a brand’s reputation efforts.

6. Generative AI applications and AI-based tools will become increasingly popular among customer support teams, raising productivity levels across the organization.

2023 was “the year of Artificial intelligence«. From the beginning, marketers were quick to test the functionality of ChatGPT and other generative AI applications and integrate them into their work and content creation processes.

But it’s not just marketing professionals who are achieving extraordinary results with AI technology. Because AI can understand context, sentiment, customer histories, and more, it also enables customer support agents to streamline interactions, automating routine tasks and providing quick answers to common customer questions.

“Today, the lines that separate marketing, sales and customer support are blurring as consumers change their behaviors and demands,” says Juan Carlos Luján, VP of Emplifi in Latin America. “Those brands that integrate their social media marketing strategy with e-commerce efforts and customer support initiatives will be the most likely to outperform the competition, increase customer loyalty and achieve more online sales. Most importantly, they will create a strong foundation of customer experience built to meet and exceed consumer expectations.”

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