How to schedule your pins on Pinterest?

How to schedule your pins on Pinterest?

For many sectors, Pinterest has established itself as an excellent communication and even conversion channel. Decoration, DIY, hospitality, catering: all areas of activity that can inspire users now use the visual platform as a lever for visibility and additional growth. And to save time on this strategy, marketers should be able to schedule their Pinterest pins in advance.

Good news ! During the Pinterest Summit 📌Deborah Orzech and Esteban Fabiao, Campaign Manager and Lead Product Manager respectively at Agorapulse, took the time to introduce you to the integration of Pinterest into our social media management tool. A feature repeatedly requested by our users, which we present here, and that can make life easier for many Social Media and Community Managers.

The live is available in replay: “Why Pinterest is coming to Agorapulse in 2024”.

Pinterest integration with Agorapulse: why should you be interested?

Until now, Agorapulse already allowed you to schedule your posts on different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, YouTube or even LinkedIn and Google My Business.

If from now on our tool allows you to schedule your pins PinterestIt’s because this social network has opportunities for your organization!

For social media agencies: expand your service offering

If you work at a social media agency or, more generally, a web marketing agency, you may have already created a pinterest strategy For your customers.

If this is the case, until now you had to publish your pins natively from the platform itself. Now, Pinterest integration with Agorapulse greatly simplifies managing your clients’ Pinterest accounts!

Pinterest is now part of the family of networks supported by Agorapulse, and adds to all the existing functions, namely:

  • Simplifying the management of your online presence of your clients, thanks to the calendar that allows you to see all their planned publications at a glance.
  • Collaboration features to work as a team, including the calendar shared with your clients
  • Analytical reportsintuitive and easy to read, which can be programmed so that your clients receive them directly

Schedule your posts on Pinterest directly from Agorapulse, this is your opportunity to centralize the management of all your clients’ social networks. And if you don’t already offer Pinterest support to your clients, perhaps this feature will make you want to expand your service offering even more.

Another good reason to make Agorapulse, used by more than 3,000 agencies worldwide, including more than 450 in France, the partner of your success!

For e-commerce brands: reach your target where they are

E-commerce and Pinterest almost rhyme… and that’s for good reason, as the social network offers so many opportunities for e-tailers!

In fact, the platform is presented as the intersection of the social network, Look forAnd trade.

Pinterest at the intersection of social media search and shopping

Indeed, Buying is one of the main motivations that lead Internet users to consult Pinterest. The platform serves them at all levels of their purchasing process, from the discovery phase to action, particularly with the functionality of social commerce that allow users to be redirected directly to the brand’s website.

You can also use Pinterest Ads to post impactful ads on the platform to increase your awareness and convert new customers.

There are so many reasons that pushed Agorapulse to further simplify the lives of social media marketers who want to automate the publishing of their posts on Pinterest and take advantage of this fantastic business opportunity that is the platform.

To explore the topic further, feel free to read our article on Pinterest business opportunities in 2024.

For Everyone: Track Your Social Media ROI Better

If you already use Agorapulse, you know that our tool has a Social Media ROI Featurewhich allows you to analyze the channels and campaigns that receive the greatest performance in your strategy thanks to an integration with Google Analytics 4.

Pinterest integration with Agorapulse is now included in this functionality.

On each of your pins, you can add a link to follow-up, and thus easily measure the commercial impact of your publications, with granularity down to the post. Enough to continually optimize your Pinterest strategy and, more broadly, your social media marketing.

Tutorial time! During the Pinterest Summit, Esteban Fabiao was happy to present a demo of the Agorapulse functionality that allows you to schedule your Pinterest pins. We leave you this video extract right here 😉

And for more details, here is the procedure to follow:

From your Agorapulse interface, launch connect to Pinterest account about which you want to publish. To do this, simply click on “Pinterest Profile,” then authorize access to the app.

Agorapulse - add a Pinterest profile

Once this connection is made, you can begin creating the post to schedule on Pinterest. Select your pin image and write its description.

Create a Pinterest post on Agorapulse

Agorapulse also allows you to add Pinterest-specific content elements, such as:

  • He metatitle (pin title).
  • The publishing board. Currently, it’s only possible to schedule your Pinterest posts on one board. But planning your pins across multiple boards is provided in the Agorapulse roadmap, for even more simplified management of your posts.
  • The link you want to send your goals to.. Consider using the Agorapulse URL shortener so you can tracker performance statistics for your Pins.

Agorapulse – Pinterest options post

You will also be able to categorize your post, which will later allow you to obtain analytical reports on the performance of your different post categories.

Afterwards, it’s simple: all you have to do is publish your post immediately, schedule your Pinterest pin for the date and time you choose, or send it to a third party for approval.

Schedule a Pinterest Post on Agorapulse

The scheduled post then appears in your posting calendar.

Once your Pin is published, you will immediately have access to all the performance metrics related to it:

  • The number and percentage of clicks on your links.
  • The number of conversions, transactions and value of purchases. generated from these links, if you have connected Agorapulse to your Google Analytics account

In Agorapulse’s Pinterest roadmap, our teams also planned to add analytics linked to the organic data of your posts, the processing of comments and private messages for Community Management, as well as an automatic repin functionality.

And psst! Latest secret revealed during the Pinterest Summit: we are also working on integrations with CRM, to allow you to facilitate rapprochement between their followers and customers who are in your customer relations software.

So, are you ready to schedule your Pinterest pins and be more efficient in your strategy? Request a free demo of Agorapulseand go one step further in terms of social media management.

schedule your pins on Pinterest, How to schedule your pins on Pinterest?

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