Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing: Match Point

Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing: Match Point

Before proceeding with our investigation, let’s first define what thought leadership is. In French we speak of enlightened leadership. We can say that a company, an organization, a brand succeeds in portraying itself as an enlightened leader when it does show a lead compared to its competitors.

A step forward, but still? In which subjects? It’s like the idea is anything but clear. Let’s quote nevertheless: in relation toinnovationD’authorityD’expertisesensitivity to trendsfrom relevance… But the list is not exhaustive – not even subjective? All the better, it expands the field of possibilities.

Let us therefore voluntarily maintain this broad definition of thought leadership. The key concept to remember is that of progress. It should be noted at this point that it is not necessary to be a pioneer in the strict sense of the word to claim this status of enlightened leader. A small lead is enough – or even one move to the sideA demarcation, an extra je-ne-sais-quoi, an extra soul. That’s what was asked.

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